Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I got wet!

Hey familia!

Alright a few things first. No I still haven't received the package you sent but I talked to one of the new gringos in my zone and he said that it will probably take some more time to get here. And no I didn't get the letter with the stamps in it. I dunno what happened to it but I can't use the stamps anyway. I have to go to the post office to send letters and use the stamps here. But I want that package bad. Elder Walker says that it should just take probably one more week. If not we'll look into it. And I think that people can email me but I can't send them one back though.

Ok this week was awesome! Let me tell you about Andres Reynaldo Mendoza Vera! He is 23 and has a 5 year old son. His older sister and younger brother are members of the church and his sister returned from her mission about 2 months ago. He was pretty closed when we first started teaching him but gradually opened up and became more friendly. He was so ready to be baptized. Before baptism another missionary, one who hasn't been teaching him gives him the worthiness questions and such and asks them who they would like to baptize them. He picked me to do it! I was so excited! I had to do the prayer twice. I kinda got stuck and mixed up the words but I got it the second time. It's hard when his name is almost longer than the prayer haha. When we left the font and he looked at me with that big smile and tears in his eyes. The spirit just radiated from his face. He gave me a huge hug. I can't describe this experience in words but it was worth my whole mission. I could just see how full of the spirit he was and how he was almost overwhelmed by it. It was such an awesome inspiring experience.

We also had two investigators there and they both participated. One is Hermana Maria del Pilar and the other is her daughter Thula. Thula sang in the special number and Maria shared how she felt about being there. We are going to try and get baptismal dates for both of them this week! Hopefully by the end of the month they will be members too!

I'm so thankful for the knowledge that I have of this gospel and the opportunity that I have to share it. I learned a lot more about the atonement this week and how to accept it in my life. I'm so thankful for the Savior and everything that he has done for all of us. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to share this message with the wonderful people of Peru. Stay strong in the gospel don't give in to the adversary. I love you all! Stay strong!

Love Elder B

Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 26, 09


Ok this week was pretty sweet but let me start out with the not fun stuff and some good jokes then I'll leave ya with some great spiritual experiences! Ready?

Ok so this week I learned how to say Papa Smurf in spanish. Papa pitufo! Sweet huh! I thought it was pretty funny. Oh and mom see if you can order a candy bar called sublime. Its made by Nestle. I love them! I hope that I can order them when I go home! Oh and you know the primary song once there was a little snowman. Well in Spanish its about a mono. Ha that’s a monkey! I thought that was pretty funny.

Ok so the bad stuff. I woke up one morning with a big patch of red spots. Kind of like mosquito bites or the chicken pox, and boy do they itch! Every morning I would wake up with more. Have you guessed it yet? Pulgas! Or in English Fleas! Yup that's right. This week I had fleas! It was only a matter of time I guess. The area that I'm in has kind of a problem with them. You can tell just by looking at dogs that they are infested with em. They have patches with no hair cause they itch and scratch it away. Yea pretty cool. I did some digging and found out how to get rid of them. I found some flea powder to put on my mattress. I'm pretty sure that it worked because I haven’t had many bites in two days. But fleas are nasty little buggers. Its like having mosquitos that live in your bed and have eight full hours to eat you while you sleep… I hope you all don’t think I'm gross for having fleas I promise that I shower!

Mom I'm waiting for your package! I'm really excited for it! I am craving chocolate and anything that is from the states right now. Do you think that you could send me some church music on CD's in Spanish or English. I would like that thanks! I had a chicken foot in my rice the other day… I didn’t eat it… next time I will. Its just hard to eat something when you know for the entirety of its life it walked around in poo… I did try chicken neck. There isn’t too much meat there.

Ok so the good stuff. So we have been teaching this family called Fernandez. Juan who is the dad worked in Utah for 8 years and speaks a little bit of English, but while he was there he was exposed to the church. He is actually the nephew of the family that we live with so he has been exposed to it for a long time. We taught him the first discussion in his moto taxi because it was the quietest place that we could find. We asked him if he would pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the book of Mormon is true. He said he didn’t need to because he already knew it was!! Awesome! So anyway we taught his whole family for the second time on Saturday night and they all accepted the invitation for baptism! They didn’t come to church yesterday because they had something for their son's school that they had to do but they said they will be there next week. They have to go to church twice before they can be baptized so we are shooting for the 14th for a baptism. I'm so excited for them they are an awesome family! The spirit during that lesson was awesome. You can tell that they are just ready. I have learned something about the days that are hard. The harder it is to watch your thoughts, get along with a companion, things like that, the more people you're supposed to teach that day. I hope that makes sense. Satan knows that our message is true or else he wouldn’t bother trying to tempt us with things of the world. The help of the spirit is something that I cannot do without and am so thankful to have it. We have some other investigators that we are hoping to invite to be baptized this month. Andres for instance, we haven’t taught him again but he is at the church with his sister all the time and we have a lesson with him Tuesday. I think that he and some other investigators could be ready here in the next few weeks. I'm really excited for November!

Ok family I have a challenge for you! I think that everyone can do it the whole family. Cousins and everyone. Do you think that you can read the book of Mormon by the end of March. I'm pretty sure that’s about 3 pages a day if you start this week. My testimony of the book of Mormon and the Bible has increased so much! I love sitting down and just reading now and I have learned so much. I wish that I had more time to just read. I love you family! You’re the best! Remember you all can send me emails if you want to!

I love you all so darn much! Let me know whats going on in the world! I'm in my missionary bubble and don’t know anything! Thanks for your letters! Oh and send me Heaths address por favor!

Love elder Bearnson

PS Tell Steve I'm trying to get a letter in the mail today, so he'll see it in about a month! But good job buddy keep up the work!
October 12, 09


I just wrote a huge email and it got erased... so here it goes quickly. I have been sick this week. I have to go to the bathroom a lot. All week. I've been able to work though. My companion doesn't wake up in the morning till after 7. I talked to my zone leader for help and I think that I can get it worked out. I don't feel like we are united but I'm working on it.

My hand is better. No cast or brace. I have two rods and seven screws and eighteen stitches. I have eight upcoming sessions of therapy to help me use it more.
We have some good investigators, Victor, his mom Carmen, and Maria Del Pilar. Please pray for them to know that this is true and what they need.

My mission has been hard from breaking my hand to grandpa, to being sick and having hard companions. But I know, I know that this is the true and living church on the earth. I know that if we stay strong Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ will lift us up higher than we were when we started.

Love Elder Bearnson

I'm so sorry I'm so angry right now! Next week I'm going to send it differently so that it doesn't do this to me.
October 19, 09


Ok first off I'm sorry if I made it seem like last week was a terrible one, it wasn't. That day was just really bad and then the computer wouldn't work and just made it worse. I'm actually doing really well.

I have achieved a new level of patience. My companion is really hard to get along with but I do it. He didn't wake up today until 7:30 and didn't get in the shower until 9... I just get up and get to studying and everything else. I have just quit worrying about it. I've done all I can do about it and now I'm just trying to be an example.

Ok, I'll tell you a little about last week first. Church. It was sweet! For some reason it was testimony meeting. My companion didn't want to share his testimony so I just got up there by myself and did it. I saw one guy in the audience make a crazy sign to someone else, that made me feel really good ha! I got up there and just went for it. Lots of people came up to me later and told me that I did a good job and that they understood me. My Spanish is progressing really well. Lots of the members and other missionaries have told me that my Spanish is a lot better than a lot of others. I know that its not because of my smarts, that's for sure. I know its because of the spirit and because I'm trying hard. I'm trying to talk more and just do it. That's my goal for this week. We also had 6 investigators at church so that was awesome!

This week went by very quickly. I can't believe that Z man is 12 tomorrow!! I had a couple of awesome experiences that I want to share with you. We got to listen to Elder Christofferson this Saturday and Elder Clayton! They were awesome! I had to listen in Spanish so that was kinda hard but they both were very uplifting. Elder C spoke about the spirit and I learned a lot.

Ok another story. On Saturday night we were supposed to watch the testaments video at the church. We invited people to it for the whole week and had a chapel full of people. Then we couldn't get the door open to the room with all the electronics the lock got jammed up or something. So the guy had the key in it and was shaking it around in there with pliers... I'm sure you can see where this is going... yup the key broke... so we took a grinder to the lock and made a big mess of it... that didn't work either. So we took the vent from off the top of the door and cut through the bars there. Then one of the members climbed in and got out the projector and the DVD player. All this was happening while the chapel was full of people and they could hear us grinding and all this stuff. So we eventually started around 8:15ish... we were supposed to start at the latest 7... but hey it ended up working and it was great.

Oh a tidbit of information. You know that neighborhood in the Springs called Cordera. Well cordera means lamb. And that street in our neighborhood Huerfano, means orphan. I thought that it was kinda funny. Oh! and you need to look up the recipe for this cookie thing called alfafor. Its the bombdiggity!

Oh. Ok some spirit. There is this guy named Andres. He is the older brother of this girl in the ward who just got back from her mission. He isn't a member and neither is anyone else in her family. We had a lesson with him the other day with my companion and me, two other return missionaries and her (Zaira). So this guy had 5 missionaries testify to him that the gospel is the one completely true thing on the earth. I think that it went well. He was calling us all friends and thanking us for our help by the end of the lesson. But I couldn't understand much because he is really smart and used words that were way over my head. We'll see where that one goes.

We have lots of investigators but not really any of them are progressing very well. We are going to try some different things this week. OK I'm out of time.

I hope those pics work that I sent. They are kind of gross I know, sorry. Eighteen stitches, two plates and seven screws! I'm pretty sure that this one is the new record for me. I hope that I don't get the chance to break this record...

Happy b-day Zachy!!! I can't believe you're 12! Let me know what you want. I can get pretty much anything here and its a lot cheaper. There is a lot of cool stuff that I have been thinking about getting you. You'll probably have to wait till Christmas for it though. I love you so much family! get better! Dad good job with your running! Way to show him whose boss Aunt Debbie!! haha! I love you all so much stay safe and strong. Rely on the Lord and everything will be ok.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oct. 5, 2009
Hi family!

OK NOW I'm really in Peru. This place is so crazy! I'm in the most southern part of the city of Lima. It's called Pachacamac. It is also pretty much the poorest place in Lima. There are a few paved streets but they are riddled with pot holes. Everything else is dirt. Pretty much the only cars are buses, moto taxis and regular taxis. The people sure are poor but they are awesome! I have found the cure for my obsessiveness... it's here. There is so much trash everywhere. People just kinda pile it up wherever and then people come pick it up and haul it away every once in a while. My companions name is Elder Saavedra, he's from Bolivia. We get along pretty well but he has troubles getting up in the morning. Sorry about my miss spellings... I'm typing with one hand and this keyboard isn't the best.
We are teaching some people and its awesome! Elder Saavedra has been here before but that was over a year ago. So we are going around trying to get to know everyone again and find out who is active and who isn't. We have a couple of new investigators that we are working with. I Think that by this time next week we´ll have some baptisms lined up! We had a baptismal interview with a girl yesterday whose whole family are not members. Her dad is catholic and doesn't want her to be baptized but she does so we need to try to get that figured out this week.

My Spanish is coming along. I'm trying to not get discouraged. It's hard but I can get it done! Ok, so mom might not want to read this part! My companion and I were walking through the little bit rougher side of town and apparently this guy said lets rob this gringo and take his camera. But then one of the guys he was with said no because I guess he has known some of the elders in the past. So that was good. I didn't feel like getting robbed this week.! Don't worry! I'm being careful!

So tomorrow we leave to go see the doctor again to get my stitches taken out. I saw it last week and I have about 20. Hopefully I can get you a pic and send it to you. I'm going to have a pretty good scar to remind me to be patient for the rest of my life!

Oh I want to tell you about my house! We live above a restaurant that the hermana we live with owns. Then she and her husband live above us. Every building in Peru is made with cement and rebar. That's it. If people have money they have tile in their houses, if not it's all cement. There is no such thing as carpet except in the president's house but he lives next to a golf course so that doesn't count ha. Well any way it's cold here right now its really only like 60 or so but with 90% humidity its pretty cold. And then we only have cold water and boy its cold. The morning shower is not something I like.

Conference! Wasn't it sweet!! I got to listen to a lot of it in English and I'm glad I did because it was awesome. Elder Holland was great!! If you didn't hear that talk read it or go online and watch it!!

I hope that all of you are doing ok after this last week. I'm hanging in there, I hope that you are too. Grandma, I love you so much! I can't express that enough. Aunt P thanks for the pics, I got them on Monday when I really needed them.

I love you family! My testimony is growing so much. This the hardest thing I have ever done and I'm really only a week in, but I can make it. I know that our Savior lives and will help us through every single one of our trials. Stand tall in low places.

Love, Elder B
Sep. 16, 2009
Hi Family!

Ok so I got my new companion this last week. His name is Elder lujan (Lou-Han) He is from Trujillo Peru. I like him a lot but he is a lot different than elder Pilicita. I'm kinda missing him right now actually. Elder L is great though too. We are learning how to teach together which is a little hard because its totally different than with elder P. This is the second week in a row that I haven't been able to go to the temple. Last week was because of Interpol and this week was because of immigration. Kind of a bummer but I should get to go next week.

I can't believe that I only have two weeks from today left in the MTC. And that also means in a month that I am done with the first two months in the mission... it goes by so fast. I'm getting a little tired of the MTC because everyday is the same including the food and just about everything else. I just want to go out and get to work at this point. We don't get to go out proselyting this week either I don't think because of some ward conference thing on Saturday night while we are supposed to be out. So next week I won't have too much to write about either.

Some stuff that I haven't told you about. We have here in our little MTC a turf futbol field. It's pretty sweet! Some of the Latinos are awesome at it, it's pretty ridiculous. I love playing with them everyday though it's way fun! We have a few security guards and stuff like that, with a big wall all the way around. All the churches have really high tech walls and fences and stuff and guard posts and things because they would get all covered with grafiti and people would break in and take everything. All the windows have bars on them. All the churches are really nice but it's a shame that the church has to take such precautions to take care of them. One thing that President Groberg said while we were on our tour kind of put the point home. We had walked by a building that is apparently supposed to be like welfare for people and he said this "this is like the welfare system... its a nice thought" so I took that to mean that it doesn't do anything. It's pretty tough to see some of the living conditions that people have.

Not too many very spiritual experiences happen that have a huge impact here. Mostly its just a gradual building of my testimony. I know that this church is true that Christ is the Head of this church. I know that he loves all of us so much and wants to bless us more than we know. I know that if we work hard and put all our faith in him that we can make it through anything. Stay healthy family! I'm praying for you all everyday!

Love Elder Bearnson

Tell Carly that I put the wrong return address on that letter whooops! I hope you get the letters I sent on Monday. One is for Tay.
Sep.28, 2009
Hi mom,

President Groberg has given me a few minutes to write you. I thought mom that you might be able to use this at Grandpa's funeral.

What can you say about a man as great as Harry Allsop? Certainly someone like me can't express the words to give him justice. Grandpa was one of the greatest examples in my life. I learned so much from him in my life from his example. When I look back at my best memories with Grandpa they all revolve around work. I can remember being just little and going up the canyon to haul a load of wood. I loved spending the time in the woods just me and my Grandpa. I'm so thankful for this last summer and the opportunity to work with him one last time in Uncle Jim's backyard. I can't express in words how thankful to the lord I am for that opportunity. Grandpa leaves a big hole in our family and in the world by leaving, but we all know where he is. In Alma 40:12 it tells us that Grandpa is happy and resting from all the cares of the world. I know that he will be with me helping me share the gospel that the Lord has blessed us with. I'm going to miss my hug from Grandpa when I come home, but I can wait. I can wait until the day that I get to join him in the presence of our Heavenly Father. I know that this is where I'm supposed to be. I know that he wouldn't want me anywhere else. We can't forget the Lord in anything that we do. Remember that and wé'll all be together again with our Father in Heaven.

If you think this is appropriate to share mom that would be fine with me. I can call at about 630ish here time tonight. Thank you. Family I love you.
Sep. 25, 2009
Hi, Mom,
I´m doing great! Finally got out of the hospital and I´m back at the MTC and feeling good. My stomach is doing just fine. It was just last night that I was feeling sick. Elder Lujan helped me out a bunch--stayed with me all night. Just a little bit of pain, and, other than that, I´m doing good. I love you all. Thanks for your prayers. Guess that´s it. Elder Bearnson
Sep 24, 2009
Hey family,

Sounds like everything is going good. I hope Grandpa keeps improving and doesn´t have anymore problems. My good buddy Elder Smith is typing this e-mail for me because I only have one hand (Hi!) Funny story-we were playing soccer and I got hit in the knee. And it hurt like it used to, but don´t worry its ok. But I was angry that I had gotten hit and it hurt. So I punched the ground with my right hand. And consequently broke two bones in my hand. In the afternoon I have surgery that you´ve heard about. I feel really stupid for doing it, and learned a good lesson in patience. I´ll be just fine, I´m in good hands. Thanks for sending me the stamps, they should get here pretty quick. I don´t know what to say about the dogs. I wish I dídn´t have to find out about that today too. I hope that they´ll be taken care of. Tell everybody to send me a letter and send my letters to the mission address, and they should get to me. Thanks, I don´t have anymore time. I love you all -Elder Bearnson
Hi Everyone!

Mom! You can't just tell me that USU just played great! Gimme a score! haha! That's so great! I'm so excited to be able to watch them when they are really good!
This place just keeps getting better and better I love it here! I can't believe that I only have three weeks left! The time goes by so darn fast! I'm so glad to hear that everything is going so well! Everyone sounds great! I'm glad that I have this opportunity to serve the Lord. I can't tell you how much my testimony has grown and how much even these few weeks have changed my life. God is our Heavenly Father and He loves us more than we can even imagine.

My Espanol is going great! I'm finally able to understand my teachers for the majority of the time and I could kind of understand people when we went out to teach on Saturday. We got to teach a lesson to a lady that her husband was the member but he had died about a year before. She said that she was Catholic but she said that she would go to church the next day! So I hope that she did and that she will find out more about the church.

The MTC is pretty much the same all the time but it's going really fast so I can't wait to be done and get to work. Um so I learned that I will probably at some time on my mission eat a cat... I guess that in my mission that there are places that are so poor that that's all they can find sometimes. Soo we'll see how that goes!

I got Grandma B´s letter in the mail today! Thanks so much! It's so awesome to get mail! Thanks a bunch for the emails and all the news. I'm still praying for you! I hope that Grandpa is doing better! I'm going to make this one a little short so that I can send you some pictures! I love you all! keep the Lord in your hearts and in your minds!

Love Elder Bearnson

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Race Cars

September 2, 2009
Hey family!

Oh boy do I have stories this week! We got to go out on Saturday and try to find some less active families in the ward that we were assigned to. None of the families that my comp and I were assigned to were home, so that was a bummer. We got ditched by the guy that was with us. He went off to do something else, not sure what that was. He wasn't supposed to leave us but he did. So my comp and I were in the middle of Lima alone... soo we went off and did some contacts haha. The people here are so darn nice. only one person that we talked to didn't give us their address for the missionaries to come by! Awesome! We gave away a Book of Mormon and just talked to people. Pretty fun.

OK. So on the way there we all hop into the bus and off we go! This is why my email is titled as such. They drive buses around here like they are little cars. They weave and go all over... and oh yea stop signs... I think that I have seen one, and no one pays any attention to them. This is what I have deciphered is the accepted way of navigating in a vehicle. If you come to a four way intersection you honk your horn to let everyone know you're coming, then you cruise on through. I have no idea how they don't all kill each other. Round-a-bouts are pretty awesome too! You just drive right in and cut everyone off to get to where you are going and its perfectly accepted. People don't get mad they just accept that that's how it is. Pretty cool. People seem to be able to make it work. Oh yea and cross walks are the best! They are pretty much designated run for your life zones! Better hurry because they will squish you flat! The city is so loud its crazy! And then you talk to people and they whisper even when a bus is coming right next to their house or they are talking to you from the fourth story window of their house.

Ok, so one of the elders ( thats what we are called still the sisters are Hermanas) in my district had an Uncle Dirk story. But it also involved a what he described as a four year old child as well as his mother. Right in the middle of their lesson... not looking forward to the day that it happens to me. If you're not sure what I'm talking about ask mom or Uncle Dirk ha.

My companion and I are still doing great, he's the best! My Espanol is getting along awesome. Haven't really used English at all this week. I'm trying to be totally done with it. I love this place so much! If you didn't know I reached the middle of my MTC training this week I'm pretty sure. Only about four more to go then I get to go to work!!

The fam all sounds great! I'm glad mom got home. Sounds like grandpa is doing well! Keep it up grandpa! I love you and grandma more than you know. Sounds like everyone is doing well! Tell Brookie Jean I love her tons and good luck over there! I don't think that I am aloud to email anyone back and actually not sure anyone but mom is supposed to email me. So If you could email her then she can send it to me I think that is ok.

Um I sent out some paper mail this Monday and um put the Lima east mission as the return address... my brain is in other places ha... um so I sent one of those to the family the Mailes and Carly so if you could let them know that would be sweet. The addresses that I sent you earlier should still be good. Thanks so much I love you I'm about out of time! Keep up the good work love each other always! And most importantly remember the Lord in all that you do.

Love Elder B

Um can someone please tell Nat and Liz to write me or something thanks!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elder Bearnson with his district companions in Lima, Peru.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letter #6

Aug, 26, 2009
Hola Familia!!

This place is the absolute best I love everything so much! Today we went to the Temple and rode the bus there. It was pretty crazy, they dont really have a concept of lanes all the time, and the buses just stop in the middle of the road to pick people up and do the same to drop them off. My companions name is Elder Pilicita pronounced pilly cita. He is the best! I love him to death. I couldn't have asked for a better companion. He is from Ecuador I think that his home town is Quito. He is awesome! He helps me with my Spanish and I try to help him when we teach haha. Wow is teaching hard. My companion is pretty good at slowing down so that I can understand some of what he says but for the most part I'm in the dark. Some times I can teach something but for the most part I testify. I love it. I think that on this Saturday we get to go out and visit inactive members of the church. Im super excited for that. My spanish is coming along pretty well. This week has helped me so much Im learning so much everyday. This MTC is so beautiful I will get a picture and send it to you when I can. I learned some more stuff about my mission. I think that most of it is in farm land and areas like that. Sounds really great! I can't believe that I have been here for a week already. I can't even tell you how great this place is. i think that the president said we only have 66 missionaries total. And more than half of those are not even serving in Peru. All of the Latinos are leaving the country. My companion is serving in the Bolivia le Paz Mission. He is really excited. Its going by so fast. I have had rice for 14 out of the 21 meals while I have been here with some kind of meat stuff and maybe something else. And always juevos for breakfast but sometimes we get pancakes ha. I have not had any problems being sick or anything so thats good. My mission president is President Groberg, you know like the other side of heaven guy, except its his brother. He is great! Awesome President. So going to the temple in Spanish... really hard. We got to have some headphones to translate but some things no. Really hard haha. I loved it though really great experience. OK so the reason that my email is titled sheered sheep... I just had my second haircut in eight days. I had one right before I came and it looked pretty good. I just had another one done... Um yea pretty much no scissor action. All clippers for the most part and now I pretty much have zero hair! at least my hairgel will last longer now haha.I love this Gospel and am learning more and more about it everyday in some small way. I can't believe I only have 5 more weeks in the MTC. Almost half done. I'm really excited to be able to teach people about Christ and how much He loves all of us!I hope that somehow everyone can figure out a way to send me a letter. Only a few people have received one. Good luck to everyone! I love you all!! Dad Thanks for writing me! It was awesome to hear from the kids too! I love hearing how everything is going! Hope everything is ok. I can't send any letters home because no one told me that I would need stamps. We were all under the impression that we wouldn't need stamps for the pouch... but i guess they changed it right before we got here. I hope that you can send some in a letter or something. How is stevie doing? I hope that grandpa is doing well, sounds like he is in good spirits. I love you all so much!! Thanks for writing! I can't tell you how good it feels to read a letter from the people you love when you haven't seen them in what seems like forever. Know that I'm doing great and That Im working hard! Love you so Much!! I love you Mom Dad Lauren and the Z Meister! Love Elder Bearnson

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Letter #5

Aug. 21, 2009
Hey Family!!

I made it!! This Place is so crazy! There are so many people here its nuts. My companion is awesome his name is Elder Pilicita. Still trying to figure out how to say that one... He is really cool we can't communicate very well but we will figure it out haha. I love this MTC!! Everything is so nice. It's way better than the one in Provo. We pulled about a 24 hour day yesterday with a couple of hours sleep on the flights. I'm pretty tired, but after this I get to go take a nap!! Here we go proselyte to people that are less active every week on Saturday nights. We are skipping this Saturday I guess but next week we will go out. I'm excited!

Ok so the stuff you need to know. DO NOT send me packages. I have to go all the way down to customs and open it there if you do, and that takes like all day. Letters can be sent to

Elder Braydon Bearnson Lima South Mission
CCM Lima, Peru
Apartado Postal 12-167
Lima 12, Peru

Use that address for the first three weeks that I am here. Then for the next three weeks use.

Elder Braydon Bearnson Lima South mission
Av. Melgarejo 159
Urb. Campo Verde
la Molina, Lima, Peru

I guess that if you do it that way that my mail will get to me easier for the last little while. I'm doing awesome! and I'm ready to start learning some more. My companion is going to be great he is a really good guy. I'm excited to learn from him. Oh and I think that you can write to my pouch address too. If you could send me some stamps that would be nice because I can't buy them down here so I can't send any mail without them except for email.

So I'll tell you a little about what happened yesterday. It was about a 3 1/2 flight to Atlanta and then a 6 1/2 flight to Lima. It was really cool. Took a long time but wow is this place cool. Um I think that if you are thinking about the Inca trail you should look into doing it because I guess you have to book it like a year and a half in advance. But I dunno that is just what I was told. We talked to a whole bunch of people yesterday about being missionaries and stuff. We talked to a catholic guy and pretty much covered a lot of the first discussion and the restoration in our conversation. I gave him a pass along card with Moroni 10: 3-5 on it because he already has a B of M I guess so hopefully he will read it. I hope that Everything is going ok at home! Its really weird being so far away. It was very very scary driving through the city. Every single window and door was barred up. and there is graffiti all over the place. there are just random buildings that have burned down and i saw a few burned out and over turned cars. But all the people are super nice!! Its so cool! I cant even tell you how excited I am to find out where I'm going. The Temple is super beautiful! Ok remember no Packages. Thanks for everything family! I love you so so much!! Write me a letter or something this week!

Love Elder Brady

Friday, August 14, 2009

Letter #4

Aug 14,2009

Hi mom...

Ok so I wrote a big email and then this dumb computer deleted it... Sweet. This week was crazy. I didn't sleep well at all. One morning I woke up to find myself teaching my wall Espanol... Kinda crazy but it was funny. I'm pretty sure I dreamed in Espanol this whole week. I couldn't sleep so my roommates gave me a blessing. I slept awesome since then! I'm learning a ton. My Spanish is coming along great. Cant wait to get down there. Thanks to everyone that has been sending me mail. The MTC has accomplished one thing no one else has ever done. I have gained seven pounds in two weeks!! Maybe its the two plates of food every meal! Sorry that I cant write back to you all! Thanks for sending them though. Its awesome to read them. I love you all!

Elder Bearnson

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Dad was diagnosed this week with a grapefruit sized tumor on his lung and several small tumors on his brain. There will be more tests and surgery soon, but this was something I could not keep from Brady. Love to all, Kristen

Letter #3

Hi Family!
I got your letter about grandpa and all I could do was cry. The only thing that I could think to do at that point was pray. I think that it was probably the most incoherant prayer that I have ever said I couldn't even think straight. But While I was praying the one thought that came into my mind was "Brady get to work everything will be alright" At that point I just got up and went to teach a companionship the first discussion. I have never felt the spirit so strong since coming here. The lesson went great and I know that the spirit helped me get through it. I got to go to the temple today too and I felt the same way. I know that everything will turn out ok. The spirit has comforted me and I know it.

My companion Elder Taylor and I have started to get along alot better. We had a rough start because he is sooooo much different than me. we are pretty much exact opposites. It has taken us a while to get used to it but we are doing alot better. We are figuring out how to feed off of each other and learn to teach together. Lets just put it this way, If I can get along with him Im pretty sure that I'll be able to get along with every companion from now on. Im learning alot of patience from him. Im praying for it every day and I can feel how much the Lord has helped me to get through it.

I have made some awesome friends while up here! One of the kids in my district is from Ogden and he played football at Weber State last year. He is one of the nicest most humble people I have ever met. Frank should look into signing him up to play. He plays outside linebacker and has been looking at going up to USU when he gets back. His name is Elder Dustin Martin. Awesome cool guy.

Ok so we got our travel arrangments this week. we will leave the MTC at about five in the morning to head to the airport. out flight leaves at 830. I think that I get to call you while im at the airport for a little while. so be home! We fly from here to atlanta then onto Peru! We will be getting into Peru at about 1030 at night... Its going to be a long day!

Im learning so much here! I cant even tell you how much information is thrown at us every day. Im getting pretty good at espanol. I can pray testify and hold a pretty good conversation. Its so awesome! I know that the Lord is helping me to learn it. Iknow that he has prepared people in Peru just for me .Im so excited to get there and start teaching.
Im so thankful for everything that I have been given and the spirit that the Lord has given me. I know that without Him i would not have been able to learn half of the things that I have.

I know that this Gospel is the True gospel that Christ himself brought to the earth. I know that he is my Savior and that without Him I would be nothing. I love You family.

Thanks for all the Letters from everyone! Thanks for the Cookies Aunt Kim and Mother Henrie! Some of my friends though have neglected me and have not sent me even a Hello!! You better send me letters!

Love Elder Bearnson

PS I think that I have everything that I need. Im Having such a good time learning and im doing great! Im not just saying that to make you feel good either. Tell steve I got his letter and he has one coming. and Im sending you one that I need you to send to Grandpa because I dont have his address. Thanks love you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Letter #2

Aug 1, 2009
Hola Mi Familia!

I love you so much! I'm having an awesome time here! I have had my eyes opened to so many things. My understanding of myself has grown so much in just four days. I struggled for a few days but I'm doing so much better. My companion and I have pretty much nothing in common. But we are working pretty well together and getting things done. We have had some hard times but we are figuring it out. I'm learning more patience and more patience from him, but it is working out.
I can't believe it has only been four days, it feels like a few weeks! I'm learning so much! Learning here is like trying to drink from a fire hose. Everything comes so fast but I'm making a lot of progress. I know that the Lord is helping me to learn and grow so that I can be a good instrument in helping souls come to Christ. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to serve. Thank you so much for your help in getting me to this point in my life.
Remember how much Christ loves you and everyone around you. I'm feeling His love more and more everyday. He is helping me to be what He wants so I can do what He wants. Thanks for the letters. I love you so much!

Elder Bearnson

PS Thanks to the Henrie's, Aunt Kimmy and the Johnson's for the cookies. They are awesome!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Letter #1

Dear Family,

I just finished my first day at the MTC. It already feels like it has been a week here! Everyone has said though, that the first three days are kind of crazy. I'm doing great and am just working on getting acclimated to everything. My room has me and three other elders in it. All of us are serving in the Lima south mission except my companion. He is going to be in the Lima east mission. His name is Elder Taylor and he is kind of goofy, and has some social awkwardness. So far we have gotten along pretty well. He seems like he wants to work hard which is all that really matters. the other companionship in my room is pretty cool. Elder Smith is from Washington and he is probably the most like me. His companion is Elder Tombs from Texas.

It is so hard to learn everything here. It is all coming at us so fast but I'm feeling pretty good so far. I'm trying to do the best that I can. Like someone said in one of my classes today, "feed the faith and starve the doubt." I'm trying to focus on the work and not myself.

Please know that I have a testimony of my Savior. I know that I have been called directly by God. I'm going to do my best. I love you all, Elder Bearnson

Monday, July 20, 2009


Farewell Talk

Good morning brothers and sisters. Its great to be able to be here with you today and speak. I was asked to speak on the topic of service. I have been thinking a lot about what I was going to say today. And one thing that occurred to me that I have never really thought about before is that the structure of the church is based on service; Physical and spiritual service that often blend together. Home and Visiting Teaching, The purpose is to serve those in our ward with a spiritual message, help in anyway that we can and become a closer ward family. If we don’t know the people in our ward how can we serve them. The Priesthood, If it is not used for the purpose to better someone other than ourselves in accordance with God’s will it is in Vain. The purpose of the Priesthood is to better the Lord’s Kingdom. The Temple, it is the holiest place that we have here on this earth. Within it’s walls a great and wonderful service is done for those that have come before us. This service is perhaps the greatest thing that we can do for someone else because of it’s eternal consequences.
In Doctrine and Covenants 24: 7 it says: For thou shalt devote all thy service in Zion; and in this thou shalt have great strength.

These are some of the things that I wanted to structure my talk around.

During the blizzards that we had a few years ago I had the opportunity to have a really great experience. My friend steve and I were stranded at my house with my family because of all the snow and we were just sitting around wondering what to do. Mom with all her wisdom decided it would be a good idea to put us to work. She told us that we should go out and dig out our neighbors across the street. They were a slightly older couple and they weren’t in very good health. From earlier encounters we had gotten the impression that they didn’t like us very much. Mom thought that we should go over anyway and dig them out. So we went over and just started shoveling. About halfway through shoveling she caught us. She asked us if we were with some sort of service and I said no I just live across the street and thought you might be able to use the help. She was surprised by that a lot and thanked us. But to make a long story shorter, after we had helped them dig out that day we received a christmas card and cookies every year after that until they moved. With that simple act that, took all of an hour, we were able to help someone in need and also got to know our neighbors.

President Kimball said

" Service to others deepens and sweetens this life while we are preparing to live in a better world. It is by serving that we learn to serve. When we are engaged in the service of our fellowmen, not only do our deeds assist them, but we put our own problems in a fresher perspective. when we concern ourselves more with others, there is less time to be concerned with ourselves! in the midst of the miracle of serving, there is the promise of Jesus that by losing ourselves, we find ourselves!"

I have often found myself contemplating a problem and found the answer by forgetting myself and helping someone else. Many answers have come to me this way. By dwelling upon myself and forgetting everyone else it always seems that my problems became worse. It was by caring for others and helping them that I found peace of mind.

In Matthew 25: 35-40 it says
When we help someone it is the exact same as helping Christ.
verse 45
I hope that when I meet Christ in the last days I can tell him that I did all that I could to help those around me. If we look around us there is need of us everywhere.
In Mosiah 18: 8-9 it says
If we want to become closer to our Heavenly Father we need to serve those around us. We must be willing to as it says bear one anothers burdens. And we need to allow for others to help us with ours.
In Doctrine and Covenants 58: 27-29 it says
We must to be willing to help those around us without the prodding of someone else. If we do something for someone else begrudgingly it is the same as not doing it at all and we will be condemned for it. Help when and where you can whenever you can and you will be blessed.
In Mosiah 5: 13 it says
The savior is the greatest example of service. He came to this earth for us, that we might live with our Heavenly Father again for eternity. I can think of no greater act of service than that. If we are unwilling to help our brothers and sisters around us we can’t hope to receive those blessings. If we keep the Savior in our hearts and minds We will be able to find ways to serve those around us. I hope that we can remember what we are taught in
Joshua 24: 15
And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

I know that in serving those around us we can come closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father. I know that these things are true and I testify that if we search for ways to serve our fellow beings, and do so, we will have happier more fulfilling lives and we will be thanked for it.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mission Call

Hello everyone! I have been called to serve in the Lima Peru South mission. I will report to the Provo MTC on July 29. I am so excited to serve the people of Peru and can't wait to get there!

Map of Peru

Lima Peru South Mission

Lima Peru South Mission