Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sep.28, 2009
Hi mom,

President Groberg has given me a few minutes to write you. I thought mom that you might be able to use this at Grandpa's funeral.

What can you say about a man as great as Harry Allsop? Certainly someone like me can't express the words to give him justice. Grandpa was one of the greatest examples in my life. I learned so much from him in my life from his example. When I look back at my best memories with Grandpa they all revolve around work. I can remember being just little and going up the canyon to haul a load of wood. I loved spending the time in the woods just me and my Grandpa. I'm so thankful for this last summer and the opportunity to work with him one last time in Uncle Jim's backyard. I can't express in words how thankful to the lord I am for that opportunity. Grandpa leaves a big hole in our family and in the world by leaving, but we all know where he is. In Alma 40:12 it tells us that Grandpa is happy and resting from all the cares of the world. I know that he will be with me helping me share the gospel that the Lord has blessed us with. I'm going to miss my hug from Grandpa when I come home, but I can wait. I can wait until the day that I get to join him in the presence of our Heavenly Father. I know that this is where I'm supposed to be. I know that he wouldn't want me anywhere else. We can't forget the Lord in anything that we do. Remember that and wé'll all be together again with our Father in Heaven.

If you think this is appropriate to share mom that would be fine with me. I can call at about 630ish here time tonight. Thank you. Family I love you.

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