Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Hey famila!

So I had quite the week. It was a normal week, just working hard and looking for new people. We got to Thursday and everything changed. I woke up feeling fine, then we went and played some soccer in the morning. That's when I didn't feel so great. I kept feeling worse and worse until... I threw up in the street! Not just any part of the street, but an intersection on a busy road! awesome! Well I just kept going and tried to keep working on our service project. I was pretty much throwing up most of the way there and kept doing it when we got there. I finally gave up and went back to the room. I was sick for the better part of the day when I finally asked for a blessing. I had a fever that got up to 101 and just wasn't in good shape to do much work. But when my companion and Elder Brinton gave me the blessing I could actually feel myself getting better. I actually don't remember anything that Elder Brinton said, but during the blessing the thought came into my mind that I was going to get sick just one more time and I would be fine. He finished the blessing and not thirty seconds later I got sick again. But after that I was better. I know that the priesthood is real, that God has put his power here on the earth to use it, and to bless us infinitely. I'm so thankful for the worthy elders that are around me that can worthily use that power to help. What a blessing it was for me.

Ok another tidbit of awesomeness. We met a couple that live way high up on the side of a mountain. They are literally some of the coolest people that I have met on my mission. The first thing that he asked me was "what do I need to do to be saved?" Well let me tell you a missionary has the answer to that question and is excited to give it, haha!! They both want to get baptized and they both came to church yesterday and stayed the whole time! What an awesome experience! People don't just fall out of the sky like that everyday. They were a referral from another member. I know that the lord has prepared them for us to come teach them. Here's the catch, they aren't married but they are willing. We will just have to help them out! We are working hard and doing everything we can to be good missionaries.

Changes are coming up one week from today so we´ll see what happens.

Mom, I sure love you and it would be so very nice if you could get me a card... I can't get the call to go through and if it did go through I'm not sure that I could pay for it. Thank you so very very much for sending me beef jerky! wow!

Ok fam I love you all super dooper much! Keep running hard Zach! Whoo! Makes me happy that you're doing track! Now just keep the grades up too haha!

Love, Elder Bearnson

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug 16, 2010

Hey family! How's it going!

What a week i have had... So I'm going to the chiropractor 3 times a week. It's lame cause it takes so much time and I'm not a fan of wasting time. My doc is from Australia. It's really fun to talk to him with all of his funny Australian words. He used the very scientific term when talking about my back "we´ve got to unjim the jimmed joints" I thought that was pretty funny haha. His Spanish is hilarious. Just think, Spanish with an Australian accent haha awesome!

So, I was taking some money out of the ATM and took it out and was trying to do some math in my head but didn't take my card out right away and just as I was about to take it out... yea it ate it! I lost my patience a little bit... so I called the bank and they told me that I had to cancel it... one more awesome thing to take care of! I don't have my social number, I have an idea but it's been a long time since I used it and it's not really a good thing to guess about! haha so if you could find that out and help me out that would be awesome. Sorry that you got a call from president... you have talked to a lot of people in Peru haven't you... sorry. As for what I have been spending it on... um Sometimes I don't have quite enough so I take some out. I was still helping some people get married about 4 months ago, so there went some. I helped Elder Brinton buy a jacket cause he was freezing. It was a real one so it wasn't cheap. I have had to buy blankets cause there weren't any when I got here. Stuff like sweaters and pics. I have been helping Elder Brinton with a service project too. Basically laying some cement and putting up a brick wall and new door frame. I just haven't been worrying about it much. I'm not too worried about spending it on helping people. I figure I'm just trying to follow my patriarchal blessing. But it would be awesome if you could take some out and put it in something that could make it grow a little. I dunno what that would be but if you have some ideas go for it. I will be more careful with what I'm buying.

So awesome to hear about Tooty! Sounds like she is having a blast so far in Idaho! I figured she was going to be a big new asset to the team. She'll be able to teach them lots. ZACH TAKE SOME ADVICE FROM YOU BROTHER. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND PLAY SPORTS. DON'T PLAY SO MUCH HALO. YOU'LL REGRET PLAYING AND WASTING YOUR TIME LATER. I wasted a lot of time playing video games and could have got much better grades and done some really cool stuff with my time. But I didn't and now I regret it.

Ok so this week went pretty good as far as investigators go. we have one lady named Beatriz that has a date for this Saturday. I hope she makes it. She is a really cool lady, and once she is baptized it will open the door for the rest of her family. Pray hard for her and all of her family please! Elder Jays mom. We are teaching her as well but wow it's hard. Understandably she just wants to talk about him. That makes it very hard to teach. She is really cool and will be getting baptized. We just have to make sure she is doing it for herself and not for her son.

Its pretty darn cold here some days. It's always foggy and overcast. Elder Xicay and I have a bet that the first one of us to use a sweater has to buy the other a pizza... not sure if betting like that's a good thing, but I want him to buy me a pizza ha. It doesn't get down to freezing but its still cold and its colder because its so humid. My old suit (oh yea other thing I bought a new suit but it was only fifty bucks...) started growing mold after only about a week of being hung up. So i had to send that out to get washed. Its just really really humid here.

So that's about all there is to it this week. Somethings that maybe you can send me are: some good insoles for my shoes. I wore through the ones on my first pair and stole them out of my other shoes. I'm going to keep using these shoes till my toes come out the bottom and then I'll use the others. Could you send me a hat, like my Utah state hat to wear on P-days. That and beef jerky would be awesome! Nothing else though. Thanks fam you're all the best! Have an awesome time in Marsh Valley sis! I love you all!

Love elder Bearnson

August 8, 2010

Hey family how ya doin! Sounds like everything is going pretty well back in good ol Colorado. Z man stared school huh, awesome! I can't believe that he is a seventh grader! I remember when I was a seventh grader in Mr Heaston's class too. Tell him hi for me from Peru!
Fruity I bet you're pretty excited and probably a bit nervous though too. Are you gonna have M.s Paula for your speech class! Awesome!
So this week was pretty sweet. We had a couple of service projects that we had to take some extra time to finish. Some of my good buddies elder Brinton and Elder Martinez work in the area right next to ours and they have a lady that couldn't leave her house because every time she left, people would break into her house and steal all of her stuff. We put in a new door jam and a new lock and it's pretty sweet. I'm pretty sure that the jam is made out of hickory wood. You wanna know why I think so? Because when you saw it, it smells just like hickory smoked beef jerky!! haha. Needless to say I liked sawing it! She went to church yesterday and it was awesome!
I have another medical problem. My back is pretty messed up. I'm now having to go to the chiropractor and fix a vertebral rotation that is messing everything up. The very lowest vertebre in my back is pretty rotated and its causing the curves in my back to get all outta whack. My left hip is also a full centimeter higher that the other. I tried to just ignore it but Elder Brinton told on me to Sister Manning so I decided to go after talking to her. Nothing serious but thought that I would let you know.
Mom you asked me a couple of my responsibilities as a Zone Leader. Well we are in charge of the well being of our zone. If there is a problem they talk to their district leader and if it can't be fixed they talk to us. We have to take care of all their letters and packages and get everything that has to do with communication taken care of. We do visits to the other elders and spend a day working with them. If a district leader and his companion have a baptism we are in charge of interviewing them and seeing if they are prepared. We have to work with the stake president and the high priest in charge of the missionary work of the stake. So right now we have two stake presidents and two high priests to work with. Last night we had a little meeting with all the ward missionaries and mission leaders for the stake. Doesn't sound like much but it sure fills up the time. It's rough finding time to work with investigators sometimes!
We have some really great investigators right now that we are working really hard with. Ones name in Beatriz, she has her date on the 21st. She's about 55 or around there and is the grandma of a really big family. Pray for her!
Thanks fam! I'm about outta time! I sure do love you! Keep being strong!
Love elder B

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hey Fam!
I had an awesome week! This entire week was training... Tuesday to Friday we were in training from 9 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon. That didn't leave too much room for a lot of work but we managed to squeeze some in! We had the baptism of Hermana Rosiana Saturday. She is the coolest. She is the girl with cancer that we have been teaching. Just a way nice person in general. Her whole less active family came including some of her non member family. It was really great and hopefully will lead to more opportunities. She has such a great spirit about her, she's just happy all the time, in spite of her illness. I'm blessed to know her.
Ok I'll tell you a little bit more about elder Jay and his mom. Elder Jay was adopted from here when he was a baby and was called here to serve his mission. He looked up his mom and her address just happened to be in our area. We found her and had an awesome reunion with him his half sister and some of his Aunts and his Grandma. What an awesome experience it has been. We are now teaching them about the gospel and they are just super excited. Elder Jay told them before he left that the only way that he could think to repay her was to share the gospel with her and his sister. They came to the baptism that we had Saturday and they both loved it. His little sister Jazmin is going on the young women's camping trip this week and they are fitting right in. I know that Heavenly Father put all the pieces of the puzzle together so that this family could learn about the gospel. Of all the missions in the world he went to this one and found his mom. How incredible. I'm truly blessed to have been a part of this.
So my comp and I are just working hard with the zone and doing our best with the 24 missionaries that we have. We have a bunch of people that will be getting baptized this month and we are just working hard with all the time that we have which isn't much sometimes! How is everyone doing there? That's so awesome for Mathew and Karen! What a blessing! I'll have to meet the bruiser when I get home! I can't believe how big everyone is getting! All the pics that Lauren sent me are awesome! Are you guys thinking about coming down here to pick me up. because you can, but we have to start planning it right now. I would love for you all to get to know Mala! I sure love all of you! Just keep being awesome and keep your heads up. If we stand tall in the low places of the world we´ll make it through just fine.
Love elder Bearnson
Mom I'm not sure that I need anything just maybe some beef jerky... I could live on that stuff! And if you can find a way to send me a pan of lasagna that would be awesome! Just kidding. I miss food without rice... I'm doing good, though I'm about to wear through one pair of shoes but I still have the others so I should be good till the end of the mish. Don't worry about all the money that I have taken out lately. I was helping out one of my buddies buy a jacket cause he was freezing. He's going to pay me back. I love ya! Chau!

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