Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Race Cars

September 2, 2009
Hey family!

Oh boy do I have stories this week! We got to go out on Saturday and try to find some less active families in the ward that we were assigned to. None of the families that my comp and I were assigned to were home, so that was a bummer. We got ditched by the guy that was with us. He went off to do something else, not sure what that was. He wasn't supposed to leave us but he did. So my comp and I were in the middle of Lima alone... soo we went off and did some contacts haha. The people here are so darn nice. only one person that we talked to didn't give us their address for the missionaries to come by! Awesome! We gave away a Book of Mormon and just talked to people. Pretty fun.

OK. So on the way there we all hop into the bus and off we go! This is why my email is titled as such. They drive buses around here like they are little cars. They weave and go all over... and oh yea stop signs... I think that I have seen one, and no one pays any attention to them. This is what I have deciphered is the accepted way of navigating in a vehicle. If you come to a four way intersection you honk your horn to let everyone know you're coming, then you cruise on through. I have no idea how they don't all kill each other. Round-a-bouts are pretty awesome too! You just drive right in and cut everyone off to get to where you are going and its perfectly accepted. People don't get mad they just accept that that's how it is. Pretty cool. People seem to be able to make it work. Oh yea and cross walks are the best! They are pretty much designated run for your life zones! Better hurry because they will squish you flat! The city is so loud its crazy! And then you talk to people and they whisper even when a bus is coming right next to their house or they are talking to you from the fourth story window of their house.

Ok, so one of the elders ( thats what we are called still the sisters are Hermanas) in my district had an Uncle Dirk story. But it also involved a what he described as a four year old child as well as his mother. Right in the middle of their lesson... not looking forward to the day that it happens to me. If you're not sure what I'm talking about ask mom or Uncle Dirk ha.

My companion and I are still doing great, he's the best! My Espanol is getting along awesome. Haven't really used English at all this week. I'm trying to be totally done with it. I love this place so much! If you didn't know I reached the middle of my MTC training this week I'm pretty sure. Only about four more to go then I get to go to work!!

The fam all sounds great! I'm glad mom got home. Sounds like grandpa is doing well! Keep it up grandpa! I love you and grandma more than you know. Sounds like everyone is doing well! Tell Brookie Jean I love her tons and good luck over there! I don't think that I am aloud to email anyone back and actually not sure anyone but mom is supposed to email me. So If you could email her then she can send it to me I think that is ok.

Um I sent out some paper mail this Monday and um put the Lima east mission as the return address... my brain is in other places ha... um so I sent one of those to the family the Mailes and Carly so if you could let them know that would be sweet. The addresses that I sent you earlier should still be good. Thanks so much I love you I'm about out of time! Keep up the good work love each other always! And most importantly remember the Lord in all that you do.

Love Elder B

Um can someone please tell Nat and Liz to write me or something thanks!

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