Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 26, 09


Ok this week was pretty sweet but let me start out with the not fun stuff and some good jokes then I'll leave ya with some great spiritual experiences! Ready?

Ok so this week I learned how to say Papa Smurf in spanish. Papa pitufo! Sweet huh! I thought it was pretty funny. Oh and mom see if you can order a candy bar called sublime. Its made by Nestle. I love them! I hope that I can order them when I go home! Oh and you know the primary song once there was a little snowman. Well in Spanish its about a mono. Ha that’s a monkey! I thought that was pretty funny.

Ok so the bad stuff. I woke up one morning with a big patch of red spots. Kind of like mosquito bites or the chicken pox, and boy do they itch! Every morning I would wake up with more. Have you guessed it yet? Pulgas! Or in English Fleas! Yup that's right. This week I had fleas! It was only a matter of time I guess. The area that I'm in has kind of a problem with them. You can tell just by looking at dogs that they are infested with em. They have patches with no hair cause they itch and scratch it away. Yea pretty cool. I did some digging and found out how to get rid of them. I found some flea powder to put on my mattress. I'm pretty sure that it worked because I haven’t had many bites in two days. But fleas are nasty little buggers. Its like having mosquitos that live in your bed and have eight full hours to eat you while you sleep… I hope you all don’t think I'm gross for having fleas I promise that I shower!

Mom I'm waiting for your package! I'm really excited for it! I am craving chocolate and anything that is from the states right now. Do you think that you could send me some church music on CD's in Spanish or English. I would like that thanks! I had a chicken foot in my rice the other day… I didn’t eat it… next time I will. Its just hard to eat something when you know for the entirety of its life it walked around in poo… I did try chicken neck. There isn’t too much meat there.

Ok so the good stuff. So we have been teaching this family called Fernandez. Juan who is the dad worked in Utah for 8 years and speaks a little bit of English, but while he was there he was exposed to the church. He is actually the nephew of the family that we live with so he has been exposed to it for a long time. We taught him the first discussion in his moto taxi because it was the quietest place that we could find. We asked him if he would pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the book of Mormon is true. He said he didn’t need to because he already knew it was!! Awesome! So anyway we taught his whole family for the second time on Saturday night and they all accepted the invitation for baptism! They didn’t come to church yesterday because they had something for their son's school that they had to do but they said they will be there next week. They have to go to church twice before they can be baptized so we are shooting for the 14th for a baptism. I'm so excited for them they are an awesome family! The spirit during that lesson was awesome. You can tell that they are just ready. I have learned something about the days that are hard. The harder it is to watch your thoughts, get along with a companion, things like that, the more people you're supposed to teach that day. I hope that makes sense. Satan knows that our message is true or else he wouldn’t bother trying to tempt us with things of the world. The help of the spirit is something that I cannot do without and am so thankful to have it. We have some other investigators that we are hoping to invite to be baptized this month. Andres for instance, we haven’t taught him again but he is at the church with his sister all the time and we have a lesson with him Tuesday. I think that he and some other investigators could be ready here in the next few weeks. I'm really excited for November!

Ok family I have a challenge for you! I think that everyone can do it the whole family. Cousins and everyone. Do you think that you can read the book of Mormon by the end of March. I'm pretty sure that’s about 3 pages a day if you start this week. My testimony of the book of Mormon and the Bible has increased so much! I love sitting down and just reading now and I have learned so much. I wish that I had more time to just read. I love you family! You’re the best! Remember you all can send me emails if you want to!

I love you all so darn much! Let me know whats going on in the world! I'm in my missionary bubble and don’t know anything! Thanks for your letters! Oh and send me Heaths address por favor!

Love elder Bearnson

PS Tell Steve I'm trying to get a letter in the mail today, so he'll see it in about a month! But good job buddy keep up the work!

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