Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2010

Hey mom!

Honestly I was a little worried about you guys last week because I
didn't get anything from anyone! Not even sis, and she always writes me!
(thanks by the way). This week was awesome! We had some training for
two days so that set us back just a little bit in our lessons, but
that's ok. We have three baptisms this week. Lourdes and her little
brother and sister Cristofer and Marisol, but Marisol and Cristofer
didn't come to church this week so we´ll see what happens with that. But
Lourdes is a GREEN light! She's way excited! It's gunna be awesome. Then
we have three others that are ready for baptism as well. Silvia,
Gumercinda (yea that's her name), and Claudia. They are set for
February. I don't know how to spell that... we are working really hard.
I'm trying to be obedient always. My time is running out and I'm
starting to feel it. What do you think about me coming home in
September!? I think that I would like to extend for a month and I
think that president would let me do it.

Ok as for my new location. I'm in the same zone where I started. Like
where I had my training in Pachacamac, but I'm almost right next door
to it. We still go to the same chapel when we have our weekly meetings
with the elders. As for my weight, I have gained a little. I weighed
myself today and I weigh 175lbs. So I have gained around 10ish. But we
aren't eating dinner. I don't like to eat it. It makes us late and we
have more time to teach when we don't eat. So we eat a good breakfast
and lunch but we don't eat dinner unless we are really hungry. I love
what I'm doing! I love this work! keep working hard family and read
those scriptures! I pray hard for you!

Love Elder B!

Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

Hey fam!

Hey fam, I had the best week of my mission up until now. We had 19
lessons with a member and it was an awesome week of hard work. I think
that I have mentioned Lourdes in my previous emails. She has a date
for the 30th of this month along with her two younger siblings. We
went to her house and taught her the restoration again. We got to the
end and invited her to pray about it again to recieve her answer. She
said that she had been praying but wasn't quite sure how she was going
to recieve her answer. She had gone previously to the temple with her
sister and she had really felt the spirit there, without knowing what
she was feeling. I asked her how that experience was and after she had
described the feelings she had, I told her that's exactly what the
spirit feels like. The spirit put those feelings in your heart and
made you feel that way. He was telling you that you're in the right
place. He changed your heart without you even knowing it. He told you
that these things are true. I said, "Lourdes, maybe you recieved your
answer before you even prayed." I felt like everything thing that I
said wasn't coming from me. I had the words and I spoke almost perfect
Spanish, but thinking back on it I couldn't even remember much about
what I had said. The other two Elders that were with me Elders Cervera
and Robles gave powerful testimonies. I could see in Lourdes´s face
that she was feeling something. I knew she could feel the spirit
because I could feel it and powerfully. When we had finished. She
started to cry and said "5 minutes" and left. She left and we waited for
a moment. She came back still teary eyed and choked out the words.
"I dont need to pray about being baptized anymore. I know it's true. I
have a feeeling in my chest that I can't describe. I'm going to be
baptized the 30th for sure."
How incredible it is to see the spirit work in someone. We could see
on her face the work that he was doing inside of her. To be present
when someone recieves such a powerful change of heart is something
that I will never forget. I love this work and I love feeling the
spirit. How sweet must heaven be, if just feeling the presence of the
spirit feels so wonderful how wonderful it must be to be in the
presence of our God eternally. I'm so thankful to be here.

I had many experiences this week. We were crossing the street one time
and I saw a man and his son watching us. They were standing in the
door of their carpenter shop. I felt that I needed to talk to them.
We went and talked to them and they invited us into their shop and we
taught them there in their shop. We kneeled down on the sawdust
covered floor and brother Victor offered a prayer. It was inspiring.
We have an appointment with him and his family tomorrow. I know that
the lord is preparing people to hear our message. We just need to open
our mouths and talk to them. I love you family. I'm not quite sure why
you didn't write me but I hope that everything is alright. I love you a
ton. Thanks for your prayers. I hope that everyone is reading the Book
of Mormon. That book really has power to change the world one heart at
a time.

Love Elder B

(We did write! Even email is slow to Peru!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hey fam!

I love my new area! It's awesome! Oh and guess what, I have two
companions now! My companion Elder Campos and I are training a new
elder together haha. It's kinda funny, but awesome. Elder Cervera is
waiting for his Visa to come through so that he can go to Mexico. He
is from the same city as Elder Servan, Chiclayo. He is in his second
week in the field and really excited. We three are really good buddies
and having a blast together. We have a ton of good investigators and
everything is going good.

We met a lady named Gumercinda. (Her name is
awesome haha.) She is awesome! We invited her to be baptized on the
29th in the first lesson. She said that she will do it if she recieves a
confirmation from God that this is true. She is an awesome lady. She
has been prepared by the Lord. We are also teaching a girl named
Lourdes and her two little siblings. They all three are going to pray
and ask the Lord if they should be baptized on the 29th. Lourdes has
changed a ton in the time that she has been listening to the
missionaries. The changing point for her was when she went to the
temple with her sister who is a member. She felt something there and
her goal is to go inside. Her brother and sister are Cristofer and
Marisol. Pray for them please to help them recieve answers to
their prayers. I love you guys so much. I feel awesome here in this
area! It's going to be an awesome couple of months!

Thanks for everything fam!
I love you!

Elder B

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

Hey fam!

So first things first, I had a change. I'm now back in Villa Salvador, my
first zone. I'm actually really close to the first area that I started
in. My new area is called Floresta. It touches Pachacamac, the first
place that I was in, so it's pretty familiar already haha. My new
companions name is Elder Campos, he is from Bolivia. He is awesome. He
is one of the Ex assistants to the President. He was my zone leader
when I was in CaƱete or Mala. He is awesome. He is a really great
Elder and is going to be a great example to me and help me to keep
getting better everyday. I'm still a zone leader but now my zone has 25
missionaries... its a big zone. It's going to be a good growing

From the pics and your letters sounds like you all had quite the
blast! What a big bummer that I couldn't be there! It's kinda funny the
last time that we were together like that it was dad who couldn't be
there and this time it was me haha.

As for your near car crash, let's be careful please! I want to find all
of you there when I get home! Sounds to me like someone was
helping to keep the car on the road. Well fam, I sure do love you a
ton! Keep up the good work and keep praying for me, would ya. I need to
stay focused! I still have a ton of time left and have a lot of
improvements to make. Thanks for eveything that you sent to me for
Christmas! I got all of the packages. Thanks aunt kimmie and my
awesome grandmas and aunt P and Sis! Your all the best and take such
good care of me thanks for everything.

I love you all so much!

Love B

December 27, 2010

Merry Chistmas!

This week was awesome! We didn't have too many lessons but we did some
cool stuff, like help out with a hot chocolate party for little kids
and their moms who pretty much don't have anything. It was fun to
see all the little kids really excited to get their little presents
that the young single adults had bought for them.

On Christmas Eve it was awesome to get to talk to all of you. I forgot
to tell you a few of the things that happened that night. We were at
the farthest part of our area and the power went out. We were on top
of a mountain haha and the lights went out. I was just about to put my
fork in my Christmas dinner and then it went dark. I'm sure that there
were many other people about to do the same because I heard lots of
angry people yelling that their power went too haha. But it came back
in a few minutes and everything was fine. Then we went to the other
members house and I called you. We ate a huge dinner again after wards
and I went to bed haha. We woke up on Christmas morning and I ate a
huge breakfast. We had french toast, breakfast potatoes with eggs, fruit
and juice. At this point I was really really full... Then we went and
ate enchiladas that the sisters made for us, played soccer and had a
gift exchange. It was a really good day. Then we had two baptisms that
night. We started a little late but other than that everything
went awesome. Jesus and Julia were really ready to do what God wants
them to do. I love being a missionary haha!

I love you family! This is going to be a good week too! I'm pretty sure
that I have a change this week so I'll let you know what happens next

Love elder B

This is a pick with my comp and Armando. Armando is trying to go to
BYU. We are going to adopt him into the family! haha He's awesome. He
served his mission in Florida and speaks pretty good english.

Map of Peru

Lima Peru South Mission

Lima Peru South Mission