Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I got wet!

Hey familia!

Alright a few things first. No I still haven't received the package you sent but I talked to one of the new gringos in my zone and he said that it will probably take some more time to get here. And no I didn't get the letter with the stamps in it. I dunno what happened to it but I can't use the stamps anyway. I have to go to the post office to send letters and use the stamps here. But I want that package bad. Elder Walker says that it should just take probably one more week. If not we'll look into it. And I think that people can email me but I can't send them one back though.

Ok this week was awesome! Let me tell you about Andres Reynaldo Mendoza Vera! He is 23 and has a 5 year old son. His older sister and younger brother are members of the church and his sister returned from her mission about 2 months ago. He was pretty closed when we first started teaching him but gradually opened up and became more friendly. He was so ready to be baptized. Before baptism another missionary, one who hasn't been teaching him gives him the worthiness questions and such and asks them who they would like to baptize them. He picked me to do it! I was so excited! I had to do the prayer twice. I kinda got stuck and mixed up the words but I got it the second time. It's hard when his name is almost longer than the prayer haha. When we left the font and he looked at me with that big smile and tears in his eyes. The spirit just radiated from his face. He gave me a huge hug. I can't describe this experience in words but it was worth my whole mission. I could just see how full of the spirit he was and how he was almost overwhelmed by it. It was such an awesome inspiring experience.

We also had two investigators there and they both participated. One is Hermana Maria del Pilar and the other is her daughter Thula. Thula sang in the special number and Maria shared how she felt about being there. We are going to try and get baptismal dates for both of them this week! Hopefully by the end of the month they will be members too!

I'm so thankful for the knowledge that I have of this gospel and the opportunity that I have to share it. I learned a lot more about the atonement this week and how to accept it in my life. I'm so thankful for the Savior and everything that he has done for all of us. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to share this message with the wonderful people of Peru. Stay strong in the gospel don't give in to the adversary. I love you all! Stay strong!

Love Elder B

Map of Peru

Lima Peru South Mission

Lima Peru South Mission