Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 19, 09


Ok first off I'm sorry if I made it seem like last week was a terrible one, it wasn't. That day was just really bad and then the computer wouldn't work and just made it worse. I'm actually doing really well.

I have achieved a new level of patience. My companion is really hard to get along with but I do it. He didn't wake up today until 7:30 and didn't get in the shower until 9... I just get up and get to studying and everything else. I have just quit worrying about it. I've done all I can do about it and now I'm just trying to be an example.

Ok, I'll tell you a little about last week first. Church. It was sweet! For some reason it was testimony meeting. My companion didn't want to share his testimony so I just got up there by myself and did it. I saw one guy in the audience make a crazy sign to someone else, that made me feel really good ha! I got up there and just went for it. Lots of people came up to me later and told me that I did a good job and that they understood me. My Spanish is progressing really well. Lots of the members and other missionaries have told me that my Spanish is a lot better than a lot of others. I know that its not because of my smarts, that's for sure. I know its because of the spirit and because I'm trying hard. I'm trying to talk more and just do it. That's my goal for this week. We also had 6 investigators at church so that was awesome!

This week went by very quickly. I can't believe that Z man is 12 tomorrow!! I had a couple of awesome experiences that I want to share with you. We got to listen to Elder Christofferson this Saturday and Elder Clayton! They were awesome! I had to listen in Spanish so that was kinda hard but they both were very uplifting. Elder C spoke about the spirit and I learned a lot.

Ok another story. On Saturday night we were supposed to watch the testaments video at the church. We invited people to it for the whole week and had a chapel full of people. Then we couldn't get the door open to the room with all the electronics the lock got jammed up or something. So the guy had the key in it and was shaking it around in there with pliers... I'm sure you can see where this is going... yup the key broke... so we took a grinder to the lock and made a big mess of it... that didn't work either. So we took the vent from off the top of the door and cut through the bars there. Then one of the members climbed in and got out the projector and the DVD player. All this was happening while the chapel was full of people and they could hear us grinding and all this stuff. So we eventually started around 8:15ish... we were supposed to start at the latest 7... but hey it ended up working and it was great.

Oh a tidbit of information. You know that neighborhood in the Springs called Cordera. Well cordera means lamb. And that street in our neighborhood Huerfano, means orphan. I thought that it was kinda funny. Oh! and you need to look up the recipe for this cookie thing called alfafor. Its the bombdiggity!

Oh. Ok some spirit. There is this guy named Andres. He is the older brother of this girl in the ward who just got back from her mission. He isn't a member and neither is anyone else in her family. We had a lesson with him the other day with my companion and me, two other return missionaries and her (Zaira). So this guy had 5 missionaries testify to him that the gospel is the one completely true thing on the earth. I think that it went well. He was calling us all friends and thanking us for our help by the end of the lesson. But I couldn't understand much because he is really smart and used words that were way over my head. We'll see where that one goes.

We have lots of investigators but not really any of them are progressing very well. We are going to try some different things this week. OK I'm out of time.

I hope those pics work that I sent. They are kind of gross I know, sorry. Eighteen stitches, two plates and seven screws! I'm pretty sure that this one is the new record for me. I hope that I don't get the chance to break this record...

Happy b-day Zachy!!! I can't believe you're 12! Let me know what you want. I can get pretty much anything here and its a lot cheaper. There is a lot of cool stuff that I have been thinking about getting you. You'll probably have to wait till Christmas for it though. I love you so much family! get better! Dad good job with your running! Way to show him whose boss Aunt Debbie!! haha! I love you all so much stay safe and strong. Rely on the Lord and everything will be ok.

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