Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sep 24, 2009
Hey family,

Sounds like everything is going good. I hope Grandpa keeps improving and doesn´t have anymore problems. My good buddy Elder Smith is typing this e-mail for me because I only have one hand (Hi!) Funny story-we were playing soccer and I got hit in the knee. And it hurt like it used to, but don´t worry its ok. But I was angry that I had gotten hit and it hurt. So I punched the ground with my right hand. And consequently broke two bones in my hand. In the afternoon I have surgery that you´ve heard about. I feel really stupid for doing it, and learned a good lesson in patience. I´ll be just fine, I´m in good hands. Thanks for sending me the stamps, they should get here pretty quick. I don´t know what to say about the dogs. I wish I dídn´t have to find out about that today too. I hope that they´ll be taken care of. Tell everybody to send me a letter and send my letters to the mission address, and they should get to me. Thanks, I don´t have anymore time. I love you all -Elder Bearnson

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