Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sep. 16, 2009
Hi Family!

Ok so I got my new companion this last week. His name is Elder lujan (Lou-Han) He is from Trujillo Peru. I like him a lot but he is a lot different than elder Pilicita. I'm kinda missing him right now actually. Elder L is great though too. We are learning how to teach together which is a little hard because its totally different than with elder P. This is the second week in a row that I haven't been able to go to the temple. Last week was because of Interpol and this week was because of immigration. Kind of a bummer but I should get to go next week.

I can't believe that I only have two weeks from today left in the MTC. And that also means in a month that I am done with the first two months in the mission... it goes by so fast. I'm getting a little tired of the MTC because everyday is the same including the food and just about everything else. I just want to go out and get to work at this point. We don't get to go out proselyting this week either I don't think because of some ward conference thing on Saturday night while we are supposed to be out. So next week I won't have too much to write about either.

Some stuff that I haven't told you about. We have here in our little MTC a turf futbol field. It's pretty sweet! Some of the Latinos are awesome at it, it's pretty ridiculous. I love playing with them everyday though it's way fun! We have a few security guards and stuff like that, with a big wall all the way around. All the churches have really high tech walls and fences and stuff and guard posts and things because they would get all covered with grafiti and people would break in and take everything. All the windows have bars on them. All the churches are really nice but it's a shame that the church has to take such precautions to take care of them. One thing that President Groberg said while we were on our tour kind of put the point home. We had walked by a building that is apparently supposed to be like welfare for people and he said this "this is like the welfare system... its a nice thought" so I took that to mean that it doesn't do anything. It's pretty tough to see some of the living conditions that people have.

Not too many very spiritual experiences happen that have a huge impact here. Mostly its just a gradual building of my testimony. I know that this church is true that Christ is the Head of this church. I know that he loves all of us so much and wants to bless us more than we know. I know that if we work hard and put all our faith in him that we can make it through anything. Stay healthy family! I'm praying for you all everyday!

Love Elder Bearnson

Tell Carly that I put the wrong return address on that letter whooops! I hope you get the letters I sent on Monday. One is for Tay.

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