Thursday, August 20, 2009

Letter #5

Aug. 21, 2009
Hey Family!!

I made it!! This Place is so crazy! There are so many people here its nuts. My companion is awesome his name is Elder Pilicita. Still trying to figure out how to say that one... He is really cool we can't communicate very well but we will figure it out haha. I love this MTC!! Everything is so nice. It's way better than the one in Provo. We pulled about a 24 hour day yesterday with a couple of hours sleep on the flights. I'm pretty tired, but after this I get to go take a nap!! Here we go proselyte to people that are less active every week on Saturday nights. We are skipping this Saturday I guess but next week we will go out. I'm excited!

Ok so the stuff you need to know. DO NOT send me packages. I have to go all the way down to customs and open it there if you do, and that takes like all day. Letters can be sent to

Elder Braydon Bearnson Lima South Mission
CCM Lima, Peru
Apartado Postal 12-167
Lima 12, Peru

Use that address for the first three weeks that I am here. Then for the next three weeks use.

Elder Braydon Bearnson Lima South mission
Av. Melgarejo 159
Urb. Campo Verde
la Molina, Lima, Peru

I guess that if you do it that way that my mail will get to me easier for the last little while. I'm doing awesome! and I'm ready to start learning some more. My companion is going to be great he is a really good guy. I'm excited to learn from him. Oh and I think that you can write to my pouch address too. If you could send me some stamps that would be nice because I can't buy them down here so I can't send any mail without them except for email.

So I'll tell you a little about what happened yesterday. It was about a 3 1/2 flight to Atlanta and then a 6 1/2 flight to Lima. It was really cool. Took a long time but wow is this place cool. Um I think that if you are thinking about the Inca trail you should look into doing it because I guess you have to book it like a year and a half in advance. But I dunno that is just what I was told. We talked to a whole bunch of people yesterday about being missionaries and stuff. We talked to a catholic guy and pretty much covered a lot of the first discussion and the restoration in our conversation. I gave him a pass along card with Moroni 10: 3-5 on it because he already has a B of M I guess so hopefully he will read it. I hope that Everything is going ok at home! Its really weird being so far away. It was very very scary driving through the city. Every single window and door was barred up. and there is graffiti all over the place. there are just random buildings that have burned down and i saw a few burned out and over turned cars. But all the people are super nice!! Its so cool! I cant even tell you how excited I am to find out where I'm going. The Temple is super beautiful! Ok remember no Packages. Thanks for everything family! I love you so so much!! Write me a letter or something this week!

Love Elder Brady

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Lima Peru South Mission