Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Hey momma!
Wow sounds like you all had quite the week! I had a pretty darn good one too! To be honest with you all, I pretty much forgot about my b-day. I didn't remember it yesterday morning until Elder Ponciano said "feliz cumpliaños!" It was pretty cool! My pensionista got a cake and made some food that's kinda like spaghetti. It was a good day.
This week we taught 26 lessons. It was a good week. It's really good because we didn't have any appointments until Thursday. So we walked a lot... and found some people to teach. We have some awesome investigators that are going to be getting baptized here in the next couple weeks, but they need to get married first. One of them works from 2 in the afternoon until 8 the next morning. He still comes to church that starts at nine then goes home and sleeps. So no one has an excuse that they are too tired to go to church! He maybe gets about 2 or 3 hours of sleep. The other investigator is so darn excited to be a member I can't even describe it. They have a family home evening group with about 4 or 5 investigators with a couple members every week. They are all awesome! They have done all of that without us! We are going to go help them out today though. It's awesome! I love Mala and this work. I wouldn't give it up for anything no money, a girl, a car nothing. I'm going to come home a better person. The eternal rewards for this work are much more valuable (can't remember how to spell that) that anything else.
I have used about 100 dollars of the money that I was sent for the marriages. So how much more do I have left? I'm keeping good track of the money but I'm not sure how much I have.
I love all of you so darn much! Thanks for everything that you do. Keep you heads up and carry on! I got two packages, not sure who they are from still. I won't get them until tomorrow. Thanks for everything! I love you all so much!
Love elder B

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 15, 2010

Hey Familia!

Wow what a week we had! It was awesome! We finally got Iber and
Chabela married! Thank you for all of the money that you sent me to
help pay for everything! You paid for their medical exams and for them
to get married! Thank you so much! They are going to be great members
of the Church! I'm super excited for them. They are going to grow and
be an even happier family now!

Some sad news though... Elder Servan went home this week. He will be
in his house Tuesday night partying away with his family. I'm really
happy for him. He served a great mission. But! My new companion is my
mission brother! We entered the field at the same time! His name is
Elder Ponciano. He is from Trujillo, Peru. He was in the same zone as
me in Villa Salvador. I'm super excited to be with him here! I'm writing
so late today because of a pretty funny story actually. I had to come
south to Cañete last night with Elder Servan so that when he left I
was with some other missionaries. So I stayed the night here and this
morning Elder Ponciano was supposed to get here at about 9. Well, after
waiting till about 10:30 we got a call and he was an hour away in
Mala. They were supposed to tell him to stop in Cañete but they didn't
so he went all the way to Mala solo. So we had to go all the way there
and then come back to Cañete... it was pretty funny. Something to
laugh about.

We have a few other families that want to get baptized! Thanks for the
money that you have been sending it's going to help so much! One
investigator that we have has the old gospel doctrine book and has
read to page 115! He challenged himself to baptism! It's so cool! He
talked to his wife about being baptized and she said well sure! And
can we get married in the church too? How cool is that. He has passed
one of his trials of faith already. He told his brothers that he wasn't
going to drink with them because he was going to change religions.
Right after that he started throwing up blood and had to go to the
hospital. He is doing great now though and is still excited! How many
miracles we have! We are going to have another couple missionary move
in directly to Mala this week. I'm excited because we have been working
hard to get their house ready and get all their furniture ready. I'm
excited for a lot of things!

Oh and my birthday I have kinda forgot about it. Its ok if stuff
doesn't come. I can wait. I haven't thought about it at all really until
people started asking me. I hope that means I'm working hard.!

Ok family I love you all! Keep staying strong! I'm going to keep this
one short so that I can send a bunch of pictures! I love you all
thanks for all the prayers and everything that you do for me!

Love Elder Bearnson

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

Hey momma!
Sounds like everything is scootin along just fine at home. How does Fruity get an ulcer on her eye..? Weird. This week was a week of some very high highs and a very low low.. we got to go to the Temple on Thursday, that was awesome! I left feeling more uplifted than I ever before had in the Temple. We also got all the papers ready for a family that will be getting married this next week! We had the baptisms of Josè Mamani Lozano and his little sister this weekend. The baptism of Jose went fine, but the baptism of Azucena, no. She was not able to be baptized this week. Hopefully this next week. Some things happened that made it impossible. But she is ok and everyone is alright. I know that God is real. He is watching us and knows our needs and desires. I know that his power is more real than anything else. If it wasn't real and if this church wasn't true everything would be easy. It's easy to follow the wrong path, it's well traveled. You have to look for the path less taken, the right path. It hasn't been walked quite as much. I know that He is leading us and guiding us through the power of the holy ghost. He loves us and wants us to be happy sometimes we pass through trials and we don't know why. Sometimes it's difficult to understand but it's always for our good. I love all of you and hope that everything is good for you all! Keep being good. Look for the right path, if we pray for it He´ll lead us to it. Stay strong and stand tall in low places. We can make it.
Love elder B

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

What a week,

Ok, so first off about the earth quake in Chile. We didn't feel it here. It hit at about 3 in the morning and I'm pretty sure if we would have felt it I would have just slept through it anyway ha! I'm always so tired! The Son family that we rent our room from and the brother of our pensionista, however, are both serving their missions in Chile and they were really close to it, but they are ok. All the missionaries are alright. Chile survived this earthquake much better than Haiti because it's the richest country in South America and their buildings are much more prepared. If we had been hit by an 8.8 like they were I don't think that much would still be standing. They had a 7 hit a few years ago and it destroyed much of Southern Peru. Hopefully we don't have one here again! Peoples houses just aren't ready for it.
So I'm writing late today because we have been doing the paperwork with a couple that's going to get married! It's a huge pain but we are getting it all done today and they should be able to get married Friday !I'm so excited for them! His wife Elizabeth is already a member but he can't be because they live together. Hermano Iber wants to get baptized so bad! He has been so happy today! He and his wife are great, great people and I'm happy to be helping them enter the kingdom. Thanks for the donations Grandma and ant Brynnie! I think that I will have plenty for right now. I'll send you pictures from his baptism!

We had a sad event happen this week. We should have had 2 baptisms of some little kids but their family got in a big huge fight while we were there on the day of their baptism. We had to set them straight on a lot of things and tell them how it is. We had to be pretty tough with them. But we should be having their baptisms this week with hermano Iber.

How is everything at home? Are you all still getting snow? I miss snow. Everything here is hot and humid. I'm so happy to have the best family in the world . Thanks for everything that you do for me. I keep you all in my prayers. Stay strong!

I love you!

Elder B.

Map of Peru

Lima Peru South Mission

Lima Peru South Mission