Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Good mOOOOOOOOrning famila mia!
Well first off, thanks for all the birthday shout outs that i received
from everyone! I had one of the best birthdays ever, seriously!
Well first things first... Elder Campos will be going home to Bolivia on
Wednesday... I'm going to miss him a ton! He really is the best Elder
ever. My new companions name is elder Jimenez. He's from Nicaragua! He's
nicaraguense! He's only got 10 months in the mission but he's awesome.
We are gonna work hard together!
So the night of my b-day Lourdes, our first convert here in Villa threw
me a way sweet family home evening. They bought me a monster cake!
They put my face in the cake! I don't have pics on my camera but I'll
have them send them to you. I had frosting so far up my nose that I
think it entered my brain... It was a good cake though. We went and
taught a lesson to Jose Maria and his family. Then when we got home
the family that we live with bought me another cake. I ate lots of

Jose Maria's family bought me a cake on Wednesday.. I ate a lot of cake
and there is more in the fridge. I didn't want to tell anyone that it
was my b-day but Elder Campos spilled the beans. Peruvian love hurts...
your stomach! They show their love by filling your already full
stomach again! I love them so much! They are the best!
So we had a lesson with a family that is way cool! Juan Carlos and his
wife Ursula. Ursula was pregnant... I say was because we went to the
appointment and they told us that they had left and the doctors
were telling her that she needed to have a C-section. So we haven't
been able to talk to them for a few days. We are hoping and praying
that everything goes well for them.
On Tuesday night my companion was here with another elder. I was doing
a visit in another area. They went to a family that we had contacted
and ended up teaching 12 new investigators! Awesome! Pray for us
family, we don't have anyone with a baptism date in April. We have
conference this week and then the next week we have the national
elections in Peru. One of the laws is that you can't gather in
groups of people on those days so... no church. It's going to be hard
for our investigators to progress this month. But we are gonna make
it! We finished the month of March with 33 baptisms and confirmations.
That's much much better than what we have had in the past!
Well family I love you tons and tons! I hope that everything is going
excellent there at home! Be careful and stay strong!
Love elder B
Hey mom I think that you could renew my drivers license now. I think
that it's going to expire this month!

March 21, 2011

Hey family!
We had a pretty good week this week! Up until right now we have had 19
baptizms in the zone! We have 15 more for the 26th we could finish the
month with 34 baptizms! It will be such a huge miracle! Please pray
for the people in the zone, the mission and the world. It's not an easy
thing to be baptized. I have been reflecting a little bit about all of
this. For someone to be baptized they have to usually change many, many
aspects of their lives. It's not an easy thing to do. I'm so proud of
them when they make the choice to leave "babylon" behind and go
forward with faith in Christ, knowing that He will help them with
everything. I find myself awe-inspired at their faith.
This week is the last week that my companion has in the mission. We
are working really hard right now. We have had kinda a rough time
because lots of our investigators have kinda fallen off the edge. Some
have lost their interest or just aren't willing to do what they need
to. BUT! We have found some awesome families! Yesterday I had a
powerful experience. We walked passed a house after our dinner
appointment and through the window I saw a family sitting and talking
together. I'm not sure what it was that I felt, but I needed to talk to
them. I'm sorry to say that I was slow in my response to the prompting. We
walked by the house and got to the corner. We waited for about thirty
seconds for a moto to pick us up. Standing there I felt like someone
had punched me in the gut. I told Elder Campos "tenemos que ir por
allĂ­" "we have to go over there". He followed me back to the house. I
knocked on the door and a woman that to me didn't look super happy came
to the window. We said that we were missionaries and we had a pleasant
conversation with her for a minute or two, then her brother came to
the door as well. We talked to them and her brother shared a lot of
problems that he is going through. He is separated from his wife and
now his son lives with her really far away. He only gets to see him on
Sundays when he takes him to an evangelical church. They were really
nice to us and eager to hear what we have to say. I'm glad that I
listened to the spirit and knocked on that door.
Thanks everyone for your B-day emails! Thanks to Hermano Pollary for
the letters from the youth. The one that told me Zach spilled my
hospital story was pretty funny. I was laughing pretty good. Thanks
for all your support and prayers! I hope that you are all doing
Love elder B
Still didn't get my package but it should be coming soon. I did get
some jerky from grandma dot though. The best! Tell B happy Bday from
me! Love you tons mom!

March 14, 2011


I had such a wonderful week! Here in Villa el Salvador we had 9
baptizms in the whole zone! It was a really good week! My companion
and I had two. Claudia and Jose Maria. It was such a great baptizmal
service! Probably one of the best that I have ever had. It was so
reverent and peaceful and it went off without a hitch. Jose Maria is
an awesome kid. He's going to early morning seminary and is actually
the class president haha. Pretty awesome. Claudia is doing really
well. Her mom is getting active in the church again.
About Mala! Awesome! My best friend in the mission is in Mala right
now, Elder Brinton. He told me that Arevalo's daughter and husband were
going to get married and baptized but he didn't tell me when! That's so
cool! I'm so happy for them! I actually taught that couple a couple of
times when I was there. I think that it was Elder Ponciano and I.
Arevalo is so strong and he is sharing the gospel with his whole
family. The only bummer is that I'm not going to be able to make it for
their sealing. They are going to get sealed after I come home...
bummer. But they are going to do it and I'm thrilled for them!
We found a family named the Castros (sorry I can't think how to say
that correctly) They are awesome! We contacted a guy that was sitting
under a tree one day and we went to his house to teach them. They are
awesome. We had a second lesson planned but because of a zone
conference that they made go later than expected we had to cancel. But
after our lesson he went and talked to his neighbor who's a member and told
her he wanted an appointment with us. It's awesome when an investigator
comes to look for you instead of us having to look for him. It shows
their desire. His family is the best, AND THEY´RE MARRIED!! whooo!
everytime that we go he brings his wife and 9 year old son down to
listen to us. They have tons of desires.
I have a stronger testimony of the restoration. Every time that we
teach it something interrupts us. Literally it's almost 100% sure that
something is going to interrupt the first vision. Even in our zone
conference while we were practicing, some guy passed by with a mega
phone buying scrap metal. Something like that always happens. I know
its true because satan doesn't want anyone to hear it.
Well family I love you all! Thanks for your prayers. I'm trying my best!
Love Elder B

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 7, 2011

Hey fam!

Wow the weeks just fly by. I really do feel like all I do is write to
you haha. We are having a lot of success here in the area. This
last week we had a council meeting with Presidente Manning and all the
other zone leaders in the mission. Those are always really fun
meetings. We talk about all sorts of stuff thats very important for
the mission. We got there at 8 and left at about 4 or 5 in the
afternoon. It's a long time but they fed us pizza haha!! It was the
last time that my companion will be in one of these meetings. He is
going home in three weeks. He's the best ever, really. I'm not sure that
you could find a better missionary anywhere. It has been a real
blessing to be his companion.

This week was a bummer on the baptism side. Hermanito Braulio didn't
make it. He still has a lot of doubt about very key things in the
church and about some of the commandments. So just keep him in your
prayers and some time in the future he should make it.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! We have two baptisms this week! Jose Maria and
Claudia. They are both young kids but they are really excited to get
baptized. Jose maria has had a really big change of heart. He´s
fourteen and if you think its hard to be fourteen in the states its
nothing compared to here. When we were teaching his Aunt silvia (our
last baptizm) he interrupted and didn't listen, in reality he was
annoying. But one day before we got there to teach Silvia about a week
before her baptism, he told us that he wanted to get baptized. He was
talking to his grandma and I don't know what she told him but he has
changed a ton! Since that day he is always there and gives us his full
undivided attention. He is going to early morning seminary everyday at
6 in the morning. He is a very different kid. Claudia's mom is a less
active member that has been stuggling. We live with her aunt and
uncle and they help her a lot.

We have a marriage that we are trying to
get to happen for the 26th of this month. We are trying to do an
activity with the relief society to help raise money for them. I have
learned something, it's better and means more to them when they pay for
it. And the members get to help and they make more friends and
everything works out better. The lord is blessing us with tons of
success in the zone and in our area. We had a companionship in our
zone with 21 lessons to an investigator with a member present. And
they still had a bunch of other lessons too!

Whoa! another cousin to get to know! That's like eight new cousins I
need to get to know when I get home! I'm the luckiest kid ever!
Congrats Lindsay and Austin! And C2 haha. Mom your K2 and He is C2
cool! Sorry that fruity and Grandma are sick! That's not allowed and
you need to get better! I hope everything goes well. I'm stoked about
all the missionary stuff that's happening back home! All the people
that are leaving and deciding to serve the Lord! The best decision
that you will ever make.

Thanks for everything fam! Good luck with your talks! Some of my
favorite scriptures about prayer are Alma 37:37 and 3 Nephi 18

Love you fam!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 28, 2011

Wow family!

Sounds like great things are happening back home! A baptism of
a family in the ward! Awesome! My companion and I had a really good
week! We are working hard with several people and they are all
excited. We have people that are looking for new jobs to be able to go
to church, people that really don't have any support from their family,
others that need to get married, others that are here illegally and
need to do a whole bunch of paperwork to be able to be legal before
they can be baptized. My point is, that the gospel compels people to do
lots of hard things to get baptized. They really change their lives to
be able to live according to the gospel of the lord. This week we have
a brother named Braulio who is getting baptized on Saturday. He needs
help! Please pray for him to make it. All he has to do is decide and he
will get baptized.

I cant believe that Nat is heading to the MTC today! (Natalee actually left last week!)
Awesome! And Ben jammin! Awesome! It's the best decision that you will ever make!

Sounds like you have some awesome missionaries in the ward! Preach my
Gospel teaches us to commit people to baptize not any later than the
second lesson. It's cool! It's the best feeling in the world to find
someone that accepts the gospel so fast and then strives to live it.
Its a wonderful feeling!

So this week we were teaching a 14 year old kid named Jose Maria. I
think I told you about him last week. He has a date for the 12th of
March. Well, we went to go teach him on Friday night and his mom was
there too! His grandma is a recent convert and also his Aunt Silvia.
We taught his mom and she was all excited and everything
too. She said that she had decided to join a church and was looking
for one, and what a coincidence! We came and taught her that very day!
We taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized, she
accepted! The lord works in mysterious ways. One thing that I do not
believe in is coincidences. God makes the smallest things happen so
that someone can come in contact with the gospel.

Whoa! Sarah is going to get baptized the day B comes home!!!!!! I'm not
sure that I can think of a better homecoming! That's an awesome story!
I'll be praying for her! So she has been listening to the missionaries
and stuff while B has been gone. That's awesome!

Oh and tell Josue! (joshie) Good luck for me! and good luck to Lindsey
and Austin!

Elder B
I love you a ton fam!

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