Friday, August 14, 2009

Letter #4

Aug 14,2009

Hi mom...

Ok so I wrote a big email and then this dumb computer deleted it... Sweet. This week was crazy. I didn't sleep well at all. One morning I woke up to find myself teaching my wall Espanol... Kinda crazy but it was funny. I'm pretty sure I dreamed in Espanol this whole week. I couldn't sleep so my roommates gave me a blessing. I slept awesome since then! I'm learning a ton. My Spanish is coming along great. Cant wait to get down there. Thanks to everyone that has been sending me mail. The MTC has accomplished one thing no one else has ever done. I have gained seven pounds in two weeks!! Maybe its the two plates of food every meal! Sorry that I cant write back to you all! Thanks for sending them though. Its awesome to read them. I love you all!

Elder Bearnson

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