Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 7, 2010

Hi Family!

Wow what a week! I love Mala! It's the coolest! It's way prettier than Villa Salvador by a long shot! And dad ya there is a river that comes out of a different valley than where I live. I live in the valley south of the one with the river. If you look for a place called Dignidad in Mala that's where I live. If you can find the Big Catholic church with a park in the front I live right in front of it. Mala is kind of a coastal farming town. There are chakras or fields all over the place with houses mixed in. There is green stuff all over so that's what makes it pretty. There were almost no trees in Villa Salvador. I'm really liking it here except for that I have fleas really, really bad. I have had them for about two weeks and im trying to get rid of them cause they are eating me alive. Other than that though everything is really good!

Elder Servan and I are getting to work here in Mala! We have two with a baptismal date! One is a nine year old boy that goes to church every week and wants to grow up to be a missionary! His date is for the 16th this month so we´ll be going to the beach soon! The other is an old lady named Joséfa. Elder Servan challenged her to baptism in the first lesson. She said well yes if I get my answer. We have her date for the 30th and wé are going to keep working with her. We have two more that we challenged last night their names are Jurasith and her Grandma Maria. Really they know it's true all of it, but they aren't sure that they have received their answer for baptism. They know they need to do it so I'm sure that we will be having their baptisms too here pretty soon.

I had a pretty awesome experience this past week. We walked by a guy that was working really hard moving two really big mountains of dirt in front of his house. I told my comp that we should help him but my comp said that we should keep looking for this inactive member. we found their house but they weren't home so when we left we were about to go look for more members but again I had the very strong feeling that we should help this guy. So Elder Servan and I went and asked if we could help. He said no because we were in our nice clothes but that we could come back Saturday to help him. He was late so we had to leave before he showed up, but he has told us that he wants to learn from us. I'm learning to follow the Spirit and do what he tells me to do. Sometimes it's hard to do everything that he says but I have promised myself that I will never again ignore what he tells me to do.

Sorry that this one is a little short. But I'm working hard and Elder Servan and I having really great success here! We're going to keep working hard! I love you!

Love elder B

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