Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 25,2010

My beloved Family!

Wow sounds like everyone is having an awesome time. Speaking of birthdays I'm pretty sure I forgot to tell dad happy b day! How does is feel to be only eleven years away to being half a century old!? I love ya dad! Fruity needs to be more careful and not take after me. And Zach needs to work something other than his thumbs... haha. I'm glad to hear that dad has been able to be home a lot recently but makes me wonder why I haven't received a letter from him... little guilt trip for ya haha. You can probably see where we had the baptizm of Derly on google maps. it's on the backside of that mountain, just this awesome beach cove.

This week was a little bit lame. We went to CaƱete for p-day on Monday and couldn't come back until Wednesday because of a strike. All of our families have problems. Some are sick in the hospital, others are having dreams from their dead parents not to join the church. Others are being kicked out of their homes. We are trying to help them out with everything. A lot of them aren't married so we are helping them to get married so they can be baptized. But I'm still happy because I'm working HARD! I love you all!
I'm out of time sorry!
Love elder B

Steve! You can do it buddy! Let me know how I can send you a letter

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