Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 11, 2010

Hi Family!

Business. I got a package from the 60th ward at USU! Thanks! I'm going to cherish every single bite of peanut butter! I haven't received the other packages that you told me about. And I didn't get the letter from Aunt Kim and Brookie J that Grandma told me about either. Bad news I think that I have a cavity. It's all the soda that I drink. People are always giving me soda. Yes mom... I brush my teeth and floss too and have mouth wash. That's all the business I can think of. Now to the good stuff.

Ok I don't have much time this week but I'll give you the highlights. This up coming Saturday we are going to have a baptism! !!!! IN the ocean! I'm super excited! We are teaching some really great families. Our biggest problem that we have right now are people living together without being married. We have at least two families that want to get married and we are going to help them get everything ready! I'm so excited here in Mala! We had 22 lessons this week! That's a huge number! We have about 20 new investigators that we are teaching it's awesome! I'm learning so much and seeing miracles every day. Elder Servan is the best ever. I have an awesome pic of him riding a pink tricycle that I'll send next week. I love you all and I'm glad to hear that everything is good at home! Steve! Keep it up bro it's the best thing that you could ever do. I'm really excited to hear your New Jersey accent when you come home! HAHA! Fruity good job in BBall! I wish I could have seen it! I love you all a ton! Oh and flea collars here are only for the dogs. And if people use them it makes them sterile. I'll take fleas over sterility. The flea situation is improving haven't had a bite in a few days. I love you!

Love elder B

PS. Sorry if I don't send you a hand written letter for a while it's hard to send them from here because there isn't a post office.

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