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Dec 28, 2009

Hey Fam!

Wow! So I'm in my new area called Mala! Technically its a suburb of Canete. It's kind of an oasis in the desert. I'm so excited! The missionaries that were here before us were slackers and didn't do anything. One of the members of the family we live with doesn't want anything to do with the church because of the example of the elders before. They wouldn't leave until after 4 or 5 in the afternoon. To all future elders! Don't be this kind of elder. I have the feeling that we will have to pay for this kind of thing at the last judgement. Elder Servan and I are working really really hard to talk to people and get in their houses. We have 7 new investigators this week and we have a planner full of appointments. I'm really excited to have a baptism here, not that I'm not always excited but this is the only area in the mission that baptizes in the ocean! We get to do it under this huge rock arch that you can see from our room! It's so cool!
My Companion is Elder Servan! He was the assistant to the President for the last 7 months and is really excited to only have the responsibility of a regular companion. He is so full of faith and works his tail off! It's awesome! He is from a place called Chiclayo, Peru. It's up north. He has 6 older sisters and a younger brother. I'm so excited to be his companion. He only has until the middle of March before he goes home so hopefully I get to be with him that whole time. I caught him riding a pink trike this morning when I came out of the bathroom! Haha! I got an awesome picture that I'll send to you next week.
We had some really cool experiences this week. We went into Canete for a meeting and on the way home we accidentally got off the bus at the wrong stop. About 7 kilometers too early. There weren't any cars so we just started walking. I just thought to myself, "Ok, I guess we're walking!" But Elder Servan was praying the whole time that someone would pick us up. After we had walked 5.5 km, a car pulled up behind us. It was a member who had been driving his taxi the other direction when he saw us and turned around to pick us up. He drove us almost all the way home for free. I learned that I should always have a prayer in my heart!
I love you all and it was really great to hear from you this week. Best Christmas present ever! Brookie J I would love to hear from you! Thanks Family! I love you Bunches!

Love, Elder Bearnson

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