Monday, January 4, 2010

Dec 14, 2009

Hi Family!

Ok business really quickly! Some stuff happened this morning so I don’t have much time to write but everything is still good. But what phone should i call for christmas? I thought that I had other stuff that I needed to say but i cant remember...

Ok so this week was pretty awesome and at the same time lame. We didn’t teach a lesson for 4 days that here is pretty terrible... But! On friday night we had the baptisms of Hermana Maria Del Pilar and her Daughter Tula. They are awesome! I got to Baptize Maria! It was an awesome experience and a really spiritual service! We should be having one more baptism hopefully this week again! I’m pretty excited! I love being in Peru! We had zone conference again this week and President Manning said something pretty cool. He said that the Apostles have said that the people of Peru are 70-80% descendants of Father Lehi! How cool is that! I really am teaching the people from the Book of Mormon. Many of the people here are very ready to receive the gospel. We have changes this next Monday so not sure if I’ll have time to write. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be leaving. At least I will be getting a new companion. Not sure if he will leave or me but pretty sure that it’s me. We are doing a lot better together and I’m actually learning to like him.
And he isn’t treating me like dirt very much anymore so that’s good! I love this place! It’s dirty and stinky and you have to watch where you walk always or you’ll break an ankle, there are dogs with fleas (and missionaries too) But the people are awesome!

Zach! Now that your the Pres you have a lot of responsibility! You can do it! Make sure that you do everything that you’re supposed to in your calling. Great job in school! Keep it up broseph! I love you buddy!

I love all of you so much! Stay strong and remember the Lord is with you the most when you feel the most alone.

Love elder B

Mom I love you so much! Thanks for keeping up with my blog so that the family and friends can keep up with me. um and if members want to write me they can write it to you and you can send it to me. Thanks so much for being my mamí! Thanks dad for being awesome! Hang in there with that cast!

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