Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 18, 2010

Hi everyone!

We had our first baptism this week! This computer is terrible so I don't think that I'm going to be able to write too much. I'll send you all some awesome pics of the ocean . It wasn't a very nice day but it was still way cool! We baptized a nine year old boy whose mom is a member and his
aunt is a recent convert. He is an awesome kid and wants to be a missionary in the future. Elder Servan and I have found a lot of families that want to be baptized. But... they are just living together and aren't married. It's really hard and expensive to get married here. It can cost up to 200 soles just to get your paperwork done depending on what they have or don't. People just don't have that kind of money so they just don't do it. We have a lot that want to get married and we are starting to get going on their paper work. We are working on a free marriage with the local government but we aren't sure how that will go. We have one family that he was married to a woman and hasn't seen her in over thirty years. He has a family with another woman and wants to get married but can't because he is still technically married to her. He isn't even sure if she is alive still. He is a member of the church but the woman that he is living with can't be a member because they are living together. I hope we can get it all worked out. With the lord anything is possible. We have 40 people that we are teaching in Mala! It's awesome! I sure hope that I don't have to leave here in this next transfer. We only have two more weeks before the transfer. I don't think that Ill be leaving but I sure hope not.

Wow family I sure do love all of you! Thanks for writing and just being the best! Love to you all!
Love Elder B

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  1. I know Frank struggled with the marriage thing too. I am glad that he is having such neat experiences. We love you BRADY!

    Love, Heather, Frank and kids


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