Monday, January 4, 2010

Dec. 7, 2009

Hey family!

Ok business first. Mom if you and Ant Brynnie want to do something with ties its probably best to just send me money and I can buy them. I can buy 12 ties for 50 soles. That's about 2 bucks a tie compared to 20. And they are really nice ties. But I'm not sure who I would share them with. Everyone has clothes and stuff, they aren't that poor. But if you want to let me know what you would like me to do. Funny story I got both of your packages last week. The Christmas one too. Kinda funny how one was 6 weeks coming and the other was two. Thanks for everything though! My comp and I use the football in the room a lot haha. And the candy is still there, I haven't been able to eat all of it yet. I know I'm sure that your probably surprised by that. Thanks for the music and the PJs. It's hot right now so I don't use them but I'll be able to use them about June. I can't believe that I have been out four months already...

Oook so this week was kinda crazy. We had three baptisms scheduled for the 5th so we were trying to get everything ready like their interviews and all of that squared away but we kept having problems with it. We finally got everything all ready and had the baptism of Hermana Eva Cordova. There were only nine people there including us and her and her sister and five members. We had it at 11 in the morning so that was part of it people all work Saturdays too. But it was really simple and was really great for her. She is ready to be an example for her family and show them the way. The other two baptisms that we had scheduled for that night we ended up not having. Hermana Maria del Pilar had a family member die so she got on a bus for 12 hours to go visit them. Her daughter Tula didn't want to be baptized alone. I don't blame her. Not one person from her family could be there. So we will hopefully be doing it this Saturday instead.

Elder Saavedra and I are doing better. Sometimes he still treats me like junk but I'm just trying to ignore it and worry about me. I'm working to be the best missionary that I can be. I'm trying to learn to teach with the spirit and with power. I'm learning the language and the lessons better and trying to better myself everyday. This week was kinda lame in that aspect and I feel that I let a few things fall out of perspective. But I'm going to do better and get to working harder! I love you all thanks so much for being awesome!

Love elder B

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