Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hey family!
Well we had a pretty sweet week! The most exciting thing that happened
was that we put a family that we have been teaching with a baptismal
date! Juan Carlos his wife Ursula and their son Juan Carlos Junior
will be getting baptized on the 28th of May! I'm way excited! We are
also teaching three of the sisters of Juan Carlos. They belong to the
Legion of Mary. They go out and preach in the hospitals and jails and
stuff once a week. They are really awesome ladies and they have some
really good questions. We have been teaching them and have had to do
it kind of slowly because of their schedules. But they are awesome!
They really read their pamphlets and they understand it well
before we have even taught them. What a blessing it is to teach them.
One day I saw Juan Carlos sitting under a tree after playing soccer
and I went up and talked to him. I felt a really strong spirit with
him and we set an appointment and we went and taught his whole family.
It was a really big blessing. How wonderful is the Gospel!

We also put Jose Maria´s mom Azucena with a date too for the 20 of
May. We are having a rough time in April and don't have anyone with a
date but I know we are going to be able to have someone.
We had our Zone leader council with President Manning on Thursday. I
love Zone councils. We make major descions for the mission together
and we talk about where we are in the mission. We are trying really
hard to reach our goal of 200 hundred baptizms. We have been close a
few times but we still haven't made it yet. I love this work. I'm having
a good time with Elder Jimenez. He is way cool and brings a very
special spirit with him.
On Saturday and Sunday we watched conference, and I got to see it in
english! WHOO! I understand it in Spanish but it's just really
different to be able to watch it in English. I loved all the talks. I
really liked the one about the Sabbath day. Throughout my mission I
have realized just how badly I kept the Sabbath day holy. I'm going to
do it better when I get home. I liked all of the talks and was really
touched by all of them.
We had two couples come and participate in a session. One of the
couples we have been teaching for a while, David and Milayda. They are
great people but they aren't married. They are working on it but they
came to the last session on Sunday. As we were heading to the stake
center I was praying that they would understand the talks and that
they would pertain to them. The first one right off the bat was
marriage! Awesome! They were listening intently.
I'm so glad to be a missionary. I'm really working hard in these last
few months that I have left. I don't wanna waste a minute. I'm really
happy for Elder Caywood and all the hard work that he has been doing.
I can tell that he has really been converted to the Gospel in his time
on the mission. I try everyday to be converted to the lord and try to
be better and follow examples like Elder Caywood. Thanks to you and
all the hard work you have done. Have a wonderful day tomorrow at your
sisters' baptism! You have to send me pics! I can't really believe that
Sarah is getting baptized! How cool is that?! I still remember bugging
her when I stayed over there at The caywoods. It's funny how with time
everything changes.
Well family, I love you so much and thanks for everything that you do
for me. Thanks for the b-day packages from both grandmas and Mom! You're
the best really! I love beef jerkey! Oh and the Reeses hit the spot
really. Thanks for everything that you are and do! Grandma have fun in
Jerusalem! I'm really Jealous! I wanna go there!
Love Elder B

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