Monday, April 18, 2011

April 11, 2011

Howdy doo fam!
I am having an awesome time here in Floresta. Elder Jimenez and I are
working hard together. We have 23 people with a date this month and we
are making big progress. The Zone is really excited and we are
working it hard. The cool thing about being a leader in the mission is
that you have to spend your time thinking about other people and the
best way to help them. Sometimes there are low spots in the mission
and you have to figure out a way to help that area change and be
better. The best thing is that you always have to be an example. I
think that I have grown a bunch and it makes me want to be the best
that I can be. My companion and I don't have anyone with a baptismal
date for April still but we have a few for May. We are working hard to
make sure that we can get them to their dates. One of them is Azucena
the mom of Jose Maria. The other is Cristina the sister of a member and
then the Castro family. They are awesome! The Castro family is great!
We are pretty much teaching the whole family now including his mom and
aunts and sisters. The dad we are still working on... Brother Castro
said that he prayed and said that he feels an inner peace that this is
the true church. When an investigator receives an answer and they
really know that it's true, it's the best feeling that there is, really.
Mom I really liked your experience with your talk at Sarahs baptism.
It's funny how we prepare something then at the last minute we have to
change it. I know that the lord puts words in our mouths so that we
can help others, just like you did. Now the next step is invite her to
listen to the missionaries too. DC 84:85. It says don't worry about
what your going to say beforehand fore it will be given to us in the
exact moment. We still have to prepare but be ready to listen to the
Spirit to change at the last minute.
Sounds like grandma is doing awesome in Jerusalem! That's awesome! I
want to visit someday. I also want to visit the temple in Rome. I
heard that it's going to be really big with a visitors center and
Thanks so much for your prayers and letters! You really are the best
family ever! I hope that everyone is doing great and that you're all
safe and sound. I love you all so much!
Love elder B
Hey mom! I hope that you got my license renewed for me! Thanks. Root
hard for Zach. That makes me happy that he's playing sports too. I
never thought that he would want to run. That's cool. Did you look for
those friends that I asked you to. That would be awesome. I want to
invite them to my homecoming and stuff. I have been thinking about
them a lot throughout my whole mission. That's awesome to hear about
Justy and Josh. Nat is about to go to Romania right? I got a letter
from her the other day. She sounds good. well mom thanks, I love you.
say Hi to Z and Dad for me! Love ya

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