Monday, April 18, 2011

April 13, 2011

Hey mom and dad,
You might be a little surprised to be getting an email from me today
but there's a reason. I had an interview with President Manning
yesterday. He asked me to do something that he said he has only asked
1 or 2 other missionaries to do. He wants me to extend my mission for
30 days,that would mean that I'll get home the end of August or first
week of September. He asked me all about my plans for when I go home
and what I want to do. He doesn't want to interfere with my schooling
but I wasn't really planning on it anyway right off the bat when I get
home. I don't think that I'll have the money or the time to get right
into school when I'm home.
What I have thought about doing after my mission until now has been
finding a good job and some place to live in utah and get settled then
after the fall semester go to school at BYU or USU im not sure...
During the fall semester when I first get home while working I wanted
to take a few classes like math to catch up in some community college.
I need you to do some things for me so that I can make a good
prayerful choice. Please:
1- find out what kind of classes I could get into in a community
college. I'm not sure which school. Maybe one in Logan or in Salt Lake.
Im not sure if they will still be taking people on in september.
please give me a couple options of schools to go to.
2- maybe talk to Jess in a little bit more detail and see if there are
some kinds of jobs out there in a hospital that I could take.
3- Please talk together and give me some advice about what I can do
when I get home. I want and value it.
President said he doesn't want me to feel pressured into doing it. But
he has had the impression that I should stay for another month. I'm not
sure what he wants me to do during that month, but what he asks the
Lord asks. I told him in my interview that I would do it, but he asked
me to look into the things that I want to do when I get home and then
make a prayerful decision. He said "I have recieved an answer but I
want you to recieve it too". I'm not sure why the Lord wants me to stay
longer but I know that he must have something for me to do while I'm
here in that extra month. I think I feel a little bummed about getting
home later cause everone will be in school but I have to look at it
from the Lords side. President said he has only asked 1 or maybe 2
elders to extend in his whole time here and now he's asking me, but he
wants me to know if I should do it for sure or not. Thanks mom and dad
for your help. I need this information by MONDAY So that I can give an
answer to President. Thanks for your help and your time to help me out
and do some investigating. I know it might be kind of a pain but it
would really help me a lot. Thanks for being the best parents ever
really. I love you so much. Have a good one. I'll talk to you Monday.
Love elder B

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