Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hey familia!
Thanks mom and dad for your help. It has been kind of a weird week. We
had interviews on Tuesday so that means that I pretty much didn't do
anything all day in my area. When we have interviews the zone leaders
do "interviews" with the other companionships. We check their area
book and see how they are doing. We always do that stuff but it's just
an extra time to sit down and talk to them. I like doing it but it
takes a long time. In my interview President asked me to extend my
mission and I just wrote him accepting. I'm not sure why he asked but I
know that if he asks, the Lord is asking. I will go and do. Thanks mom
for checking up on that stuff for me. I really appreciate your help.
You could tell Rick that it's possible for a couple of weeks before I
figure out what I'm going to really do. I really have no idea what my
plans are for when I get home. President told me to be thinking about
it a little bit but it just makes me more confused haha so I'll just
wait, i think...

In other news. This week was really hard. We had very few lessons. We
had to do lots of interviews for people to get baptized. I think I
interviewed 3 personally. We had 7 get baptized in the zone this week
and we will have nine more next week! We are a little bit low this
month because we had Conference and then we had the national vote for
the presidency. It's illegal to have public meetings on that day so we
couldn't have church. So I took the sacrament for the first time in
three weeks yesterday. We are teaching the Castro family right now.
They are by far our best investigators that we have. I tell you about
them every week but they really are awesome. We had a lesson with them
planned on Saturday. Another companionship was going to have a
baptism at about the same time as our lesson. We showed up to their
house and we said, hey you three want to go see how you're going to get
baptized? They said sure let's go! So we jumped in a taxi and went to
the church. They were starting a little late so we did a tour of the
church with them and then we had a short lesson with them in the
chapel, then we went to the baptismal service. It was way cool. We felt
the Spirit really strongly with them in the chapel and then at the
baptism. It was a special night. We taught them about the Sabbath day.
we knew it was going to be kind of hard for them to live it because
Hermano Castro has to work every other Sunday. He is going to talk to
his boss and do all he can to change his schedule. He could use your

I love you so much fam! You're the best in the entire world, seriously. I
love you all tons. Thanks for all of your support and love. I don't
know what I would do without a family like you.

Love elder B

Mom thanks for your help. That is going to help me figure out what I'm
going to do. I'm not sure where I want to study... It's alright I'll
figure it out like you say, when I get home. Tell Gma hi for me and
that I love her tons! I'm so jealous seriously about her trip! It sounds
like an awe inspiring expereince. Thanks mom I love you tons. Thanks
for not getting bummed out because I'm going to be here a little
longer. I know of lots of moms that wouldn't feel the same. Thanks!!

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