Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Good mOOOOOOOOrning famila mia!
Well first off, thanks for all the birthday shout outs that i received
from everyone! I had one of the best birthdays ever, seriously!
Well first things first... Elder Campos will be going home to Bolivia on
Wednesday... I'm going to miss him a ton! He really is the best Elder
ever. My new companions name is elder Jimenez. He's from Nicaragua! He's
nicaraguense! He's only got 10 months in the mission but he's awesome.
We are gonna work hard together!
So the night of my b-day Lourdes, our first convert here in Villa threw
me a way sweet family home evening. They bought me a monster cake!
They put my face in the cake! I don't have pics on my camera but I'll
have them send them to you. I had frosting so far up my nose that I
think it entered my brain... It was a good cake though. We went and
taught a lesson to Jose Maria and his family. Then when we got home
the family that we live with bought me another cake. I ate lots of

Jose Maria's family bought me a cake on Wednesday.. I ate a lot of cake
and there is more in the fridge. I didn't want to tell anyone that it
was my b-day but Elder Campos spilled the beans. Peruvian love hurts...
your stomach! They show their love by filling your already full
stomach again! I love them so much! They are the best!
So we had a lesson with a family that is way cool! Juan Carlos and his
wife Ursula. Ursula was pregnant... I say was because we went to the
appointment and they told us that they had left and the doctors
were telling her that she needed to have a C-section. So we haven't
been able to talk to them for a few days. We are hoping and praying
that everything goes well for them.
On Tuesday night my companion was here with another elder. I was doing
a visit in another area. They went to a family that we had contacted
and ended up teaching 12 new investigators! Awesome! Pray for us
family, we don't have anyone with a baptism date in April. We have
conference this week and then the next week we have the national
elections in Peru. One of the laws is that you can't gather in
groups of people on those days so... no church. It's going to be hard
for our investigators to progress this month. But we are gonna make
it! We finished the month of March with 33 baptisms and confirmations.
That's much much better than what we have had in the past!
Well family I love you tons and tons! I hope that everything is going
excellent there at home! Be careful and stay strong!
Love elder B
Hey mom I think that you could renew my drivers license now. I think
that it's going to expire this month!

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