Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

Howdy family!

Well I had a great week here in Villa Salvador again. We have been
working really hard and the Lord has been testing me and my diligence.
There's two weeks that we have had with only about 14 lessons. Lame...
we had something around 15 or 16 appointments fall through on us. Down
here on Easter week they celebrate from Thursday to Sunday. It's a big
deal usually. Lots of people decide to celebrate the Savior partying
and drinking in the street. Not very fun for us. Lots of our
investigators weren't home because they were visiting their family and
everything. We managed to get a whole bunch of new people to teach
this week. We had 10 new investigators and 7 of them we found
yesterday. If we just keep going and we don't quit when it's hard the
Lord always blesses us in many different ways.

We have 8 people with a baptismal date for May. Some of them are
progressing better than others but they all could use your prayers.
Juan Carlos and his family are doing great! Ursula had her baby on
Tuesday. So get this, I love the names in their family. The dad is Juan
Carlos, his first son is Juan Carlos and the new baby is Juan David.
we call them the Juan's, in Spanish los Juanes. So Ursula didn't come to
church on Sunday but Juan Carlos did. He liked it a lot. He is working
on changing his job so that he can come to church every week. What day
was Titan born? Was he born the same day as Juan? That would be pretty
cool. Congrats to the Mailes! Seriously I'm stoked to go home and see
all of my new cousins. I love you all so much family. You're really the
best that there is. Sorry my letter is a little short this week.
Love elder B

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