Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

Hey fam!

This week was one of the best weeks that I have had in a long time.
It's been a rough month. We ended up getting our 20 lessons. But this
week was a holiday called the workers day. Really they just get a
holiday for 4 days and drink in the street. It's kinda lame to go out
and work with holidays like that.

We have the family Castro. Juan Carlos is the best seriously. I have
never had an investigator that is so darn ready. He asks us to teach
him more commandments so that he doesn't mess up. He is the best
seriously. His son that was born two weeks ago was born with a
cleft pallet, so that's making it kinda hard for his wife to go to
church. They are really excited though. This week will be pretty
sweet. I'm excited to call you. I can't believe that I'm calling you
again already. It's kinda weird. I hope that I can hear Lauren.

Sounds like everyone is doing well at home. We did kind of a silent
celebration on the Bin Laden story. You´ll have to tell me a little bit
more about that later.

Changes are coming up this week, so this could be my last week in
floresta. I sure hope that it's not so that I can be here for the
baptisms of the Castro fam and a few others this month. I forgot to
tell you about Cristina. We have been teaching her since I got here
but she hasn't been able to go to church because of her work. She
finally was able to change it. We had fasted for her in April so that
she would be able to make it. She will be gettting baptized on the
21st! Awesome.

Well family I love you a ton! I'll talk to you on Sunday. Not sure when
I'll talk to you but I think I'll be able to call you for a sec to
schedule a time. I love you!
Love B

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