Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2010

Hey mom!

Honestly I was a little worried about you guys last week because I
didn't get anything from anyone! Not even sis, and she always writes me!
(thanks by the way). This week was awesome! We had some training for
two days so that set us back just a little bit in our lessons, but
that's ok. We have three baptisms this week. Lourdes and her little
brother and sister Cristofer and Marisol, but Marisol and Cristofer
didn't come to church this week so we´ll see what happens with that. But
Lourdes is a GREEN light! She's way excited! It's gunna be awesome. Then
we have three others that are ready for baptism as well. Silvia,
Gumercinda (yea that's her name), and Claudia. They are set for
February. I don't know how to spell that... we are working really hard.
I'm trying to be obedient always. My time is running out and I'm
starting to feel it. What do you think about me coming home in
September!? I think that I would like to extend for a month and I
think that president would let me do it.

Ok as for my new location. I'm in the same zone where I started. Like
where I had my training in Pachacamac, but I'm almost right next door
to it. We still go to the same chapel when we have our weekly meetings
with the elders. As for my weight, I have gained a little. I weighed
myself today and I weigh 175lbs. So I have gained around 10ish. But we
aren't eating dinner. I don't like to eat it. It makes us late and we
have more time to teach when we don't eat. So we eat a good breakfast
and lunch but we don't eat dinner unless we are really hungry. I love
what I'm doing! I love this work! keep working hard family and read
those scriptures! I pray hard for you!

Love Elder B!

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