Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

Hey fam!

So first things first, I had a change. I'm now back in Villa Salvador, my
first zone. I'm actually really close to the first area that I started
in. My new area is called Floresta. It touches Pachacamac, the first
place that I was in, so it's pretty familiar already haha. My new
companions name is Elder Campos, he is from Bolivia. He is awesome. He
is one of the Ex assistants to the President. He was my zone leader
when I was in CaƱete or Mala. He is awesome. He is a really great
Elder and is going to be a great example to me and help me to keep
getting better everyday. I'm still a zone leader but now my zone has 25
missionaries... its a big zone. It's going to be a good growing

From the pics and your letters sounds like you all had quite the
blast! What a big bummer that I couldn't be there! It's kinda funny the
last time that we were together like that it was dad who couldn't be
there and this time it was me haha.

As for your near car crash, let's be careful please! I want to find all
of you there when I get home! Sounds to me like someone was
helping to keep the car on the road. Well fam, I sure do love you a
ton! Keep up the good work and keep praying for me, would ya. I need to
stay focused! I still have a ton of time left and have a lot of
improvements to make. Thanks for eveything that you sent to me for
Christmas! I got all of the packages. Thanks aunt kimmie and my
awesome grandmas and aunt P and Sis! Your all the best and take such
good care of me thanks for everything.

I love you all so much!

Love B

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