Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hey fam!

I love my new area! It's awesome! Oh and guess what, I have two
companions now! My companion Elder Campos and I are training a new
elder together haha. It's kinda funny, but awesome. Elder Cervera is
waiting for his Visa to come through so that he can go to Mexico. He
is from the same city as Elder Servan, Chiclayo. He is in his second
week in the field and really excited. We three are really good buddies
and having a blast together. We have a ton of good investigators and
everything is going good.

We met a lady named Gumercinda. (Her name is
awesome haha.) She is awesome! We invited her to be baptized on the
29th in the first lesson. She said that she will do it if she recieves a
confirmation from God that this is true. She is an awesome lady. She
has been prepared by the Lord. We are also teaching a girl named
Lourdes and her two little siblings. They all three are going to pray
and ask the Lord if they should be baptized on the 29th. Lourdes has
changed a ton in the time that she has been listening to the
missionaries. The changing point for her was when she went to the
temple with her sister who is a member. She felt something there and
her goal is to go inside. Her brother and sister are Cristofer and
Marisol. Pray for them please to help them recieve answers to
their prayers. I love you guys so much. I feel awesome here in this
area! It's going to be an awesome couple of months!

Thanks for everything fam!
I love you!

Elder B

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