Monday, January 3, 2011

December 27, 2010

Merry Chistmas!

This week was awesome! We didn't have too many lessons but we did some
cool stuff, like help out with a hot chocolate party for little kids
and their moms who pretty much don't have anything. It was fun to
see all the little kids really excited to get their little presents
that the young single adults had bought for them.

On Christmas Eve it was awesome to get to talk to all of you. I forgot
to tell you a few of the things that happened that night. We were at
the farthest part of our area and the power went out. We were on top
of a mountain haha and the lights went out. I was just about to put my
fork in my Christmas dinner and then it went dark. I'm sure that there
were many other people about to do the same because I heard lots of
angry people yelling that their power went too haha. But it came back
in a few minutes and everything was fine. Then we went to the other
members house and I called you. We ate a huge dinner again after wards
and I went to bed haha. We woke up on Christmas morning and I ate a
huge breakfast. We had french toast, breakfast potatoes with eggs, fruit
and juice. At this point I was really really full... Then we went and
ate enchiladas that the sisters made for us, played soccer and had a
gift exchange. It was a really good day. Then we had two baptisms that
night. We started a little late but other than that everything
went awesome. Jesus and Julia were really ready to do what God wants
them to do. I love being a missionary haha!

I love you family! This is going to be a good week too! I'm pretty sure
that I have a change this week so I'll let you know what happens next

Love elder B

This is a pick with my comp and Armando. Armando is trying to go to
BYU. We are going to adopt him into the family! haha He's awesome. He
served his mission in Florida and speaks pretty good english.

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