Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

Hey fam!

Wow this week was awesome! We had a conference with a member from the
seventy named Juan Uceda. He spoke in the last general conference. My
goodness was it awesome! The spirit was incredibly strong! What I
thought was kinda cool was that he spoke about being fishers of men
haha. I talked about that a little bit last week. He talked about
Christ and the story in Luke 5 when he teaches the apostles to fish.
They had been fishing all night long without any success. Then Christ
came in the morning and said throw your net there. They could have
said, well we HAVE been throwing the net there. Why would it work now?
What they said was, we have been doing that all night but I know that
because you are telling me to do it it will work. They threw out the
net and they broke the net because it was filled with so many fish.
They filled up both boats. Their obedience to the Savior was the key.
If we do all we can to follow the Savior and work hard. We will be
able to hear him when he tells us " throw it over there." He will be
able to give us direction in times of need. As missionaries we have to
learn how to hear the spirit because we don't know who the lord has
prepared but He does and He can lead us to them. Obedience to the
Savior. Elder Uceda said things like "there are NO disobedient Gods in
heaven." They don't exist. We all have the chance to be gods and
inherit the kingdom of God if we are obedient. HOW COOL is that!

Well family we have two baptizms on the 25th Julia and Jesus! They are
awesome! Pray hard for them that nothing happens this week. Their
testimonies are really strong and they know its true. I'm so excited
for them!

Sounds like you all have big stuff planned for Christmas! I'm pretty
darn excited to get to talk to you all! I'm going to try and call the
24th in the night time. Like around 8 or nine here time. It might be
kinda rough to get my call to come through so be patient haha. I don't
have cool access to a computer like I did last time. I still didn't get
your box or the one from aunt kimmie but it should get here soon. I
really miss snow haha! Send me some pics of you all and the tree! I love
you! Talk to you soon!

Love elder B

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