Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 30, 2010

Hey familia!

So ok first business... I did get the company called and they got me a new card in about five minutes tops... I need my card as fast as possible because now I have to pay for my doctors visits... they don't cost much. I'll take care of it. Yes I would like you to send my hat but I don't want that to make my card take longer to get here. It would be better if you could send it in the next package or something.

Sweet! Zman has been talking to Mr Heaston about the church! Have him take some pics in and show him. Tell him to get brave and ask him if he wants to listen to the missionaries! I'm super excited that Z is doing some sports. That's awesome! I'm glad he likes it. And on top of that camping! What a good weekend haha. I'm really bummed out about fruity... how lame is that. They really think that she came from Colorado to a little Idaho town to play sports... awesome... I'll keep praying for everything to turn out ok. That's good that she is having a good time with Grandma and Paula. Sounds like she is making some good friends. I can't believe that Brynnie is going to be in BYU... That's crazy... I can't believe how fast everyone is growing up. Pretty crazy.

Things here have gotten a little shaken up in San Gabriel (that means saint Gabriel) I have a new companion his name is Elder Huaman (waamaan) He is a way cool guy. We are going to work super hard together. We have had a family from heaven fall out of the sky on us. They have to get married but we are going to help them with that. They want to get baptized and always come to church. They say they have found what they were looking for! We visited the temple with our gospel doctrine class! We just walked around the outside and had some food to eat in the cafeteria. They could really feel the spirit and want to be an Eternal family. So we are going to be here to help them achieve that goal. They live up on top of a big mountain. It's fun to get up to their house. When I say up, I mean up. I'll send you some pics next time from up at their house.

We have a couple of other investigators that are progressing as well. Elder Jays mom is working hard and we are teaching her a lot. She should be getting baptized at the end of this month or the next. So all and all we are just working as hard as we can. I love the work and want to do my best everyday. Thanks for all the support that you all give me. Take care!

Love Elder B

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