Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Howdy doo my awesome fam!

Ok, so this week was pretty cool. We had leadership conference training again. Leadership conference takes a long time. We were there Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am until 5pm and then on Thursday until 3:30pm. We learn about some key things that the apostles want us to be focusing on. We do lots of practices and stuff, so it's good. But some sad news happened yesterday... Carmen, her daughter, and her brother have decided that they want to keep preparing themselves to be baptized... they say they aren't ready to be baptized. I wasn't with my companion because we did splits for that appointment but they tried for a really long time to change her mind. She did say that if she prays and receives an answer that she will still do it. So pray hard for her and help her have a change of heart. She's really great but needs to open her heart and learn to accept the will of the lord.

Our other investigators are doing awesome. Norma is one prepared person. She keeps on having spiritual experiences all the time. After our last appointment she went home and talked about everything that she learned from us with her sister and her cousin. They both told her they want to get baptized too haha! So we are going to be teaching them too. We have one couple, Antonio and his girlfriend Mily. They need to get married but they are awesome! AWESOME! they always come to church and participate and have an awesome time. They love learning about everything. They are always so excited when we come to visit them. Their table is always set up nice and neat. I kinda have a funny story. We went to visit them the first Saturday of this month and we got there and there were steaming glasses of something called massamora. It's kind of like a jelly drink. Kinda weird but it's good. It's a drink that you have to eat with a spoon, so I'm not sure if you would call it a drink haha. It's really sticky. The bad part was that we were fasting... so without explaining we just kind of left it on the table and we taught them. At the end of the lesson I said ¨Tendra que perdonarnos hermana por no comer su massamora, pero estamos ayunando¨ You will have to forgive us for not eating your massamora, we are fasting. Then we had to explain about fasting. They understood and were just fine with that. So on Saturday night when we went to their house again. We taught them and it was awesome. But then after the lesson she comes to me and says. "Sorry Brother Bearnson, but are you fasting?" I laughed and said no "Hermana today we aren't fasting!" She laughed and went over to the stove and filled us up big glasses of hot chocolate and rolls. They are awesome. We are working on getting their papers ready to get them married and everything will be awesome. They have a huge desire to get baptized. They are sharing the gospel with their coworkers and neighbors and with all sorts of people. They have been so prepared to be members.

That's something that the Peruvians put us to shame with. Talking to their neighbors and inviting them to listen to us. They talk to their family, their neighbors, everyone knows that they are Mormons. They are awesome! It's something that we need to work on and I hope I can be better at talking about it when I get home.

Awesome! The Justinator is headed out on the mish! That's awesome! Arkansas huh that should be sweet! When does he head out?

The time is flying with my new companion. Elder Huaman and I get along really well. He is a really cool guy. I love the mission and for anyone that reads this and is thinking about serving a mission but isn't sure if they can do it. Just do it! It will be the best decision that you will ever make in your life. I have learned so much from these people and have been able to be part of their great change of heart. I'm so thankful to the lord for the chance that he has given me to be part of this work.

Whoa Zman! you ran a mile and a half in 12 and a half minutes! sweet bro! I'm really proud of ya buddy! Its awesome to see you sticking with it! Keep me updated buddy!

Ok I did get the package you sent me and my card! Thanks so much! Estaba bien Aguja! I was really broke! I had to use all the mission money to go to the doc... I was running low, but now I'm ok. The insoles are awesome by the way thank you very much. I gave the other ones to my comp. He basically was walking on nothing on the inside of his shoes.

WHOOOO yea BYU lost! !!!! Sorry that's rude... I need to work on my attributes specifically charity hehehe! And my awesome Aggies won!!!! yea! That's good news! Sweet Elder B-meister is District leader down there in Arizona! Awesome. Good for him. He´ll do a great job. That's good to hear about brother Phillips. I hope he is doing alright. Tell Jenn and Dawson good luck! I hope everything goes well for them! Well fam, I hope that everything is going awesome for you! I love you all so much and always pray for you! I love you!

Love Elder B

PS if there is a 19 to 20 year old girl that is part of one of those new families feel free to give her my address! Don't worry, I'm focused, haha!! love ya mom!

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