Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 20, 2010

Hey my wonderful familia!
Sounds like a whole bunch of good news is happening back at home. New cousins are arriving and the old ones get to visit Grandma ha ha! Sorry to call you old Jason and Jess. WHOO! I'm super excited that Fruity gets to play ball! I was praying for her to be able to! Just sounds like icing on the cake to a really great experience that she is having.
Ok. I had a pretty hard week with some high highs and really low lows... First off the good stuff. almost all of our investigators have a baptism date! The bad stuff there aren't any more... We got too concentrated on them and haven't been looking hard enough for new ones. We should be having four baptisms this week! One is named Norma, I think that I told you about her last week. She is awesome and so prepared. When she is at church it's like she has been a member for years. She isn't shy at all and just makes new friends all the time. There is a little kid named Jeremy (he´s named after the missionaries that baptized his mom, pretty cool) He is SOO dang smart. We leave him some stuff to read and then when we get there he says, "Sorry ,I couldn't read very much." But then he tells us all sorts of stuff and has a better understanding of what we teach than many adults. He's the man. He makes me think of the verse in Alma 32.23. And then we have another couple that went to get married they should be getting home any day now. She is a member but her soon to be husband Miguel is not. But he's really excited. And then the big surprise! Do you remember Agustin and Tania? They were our first baptisms here. Their older sister is a returned missionary. Well my comp and the first counselor in the bishopric went to their house and talked to their mom Lucy. We have been teaching her forever! But she finally understood and has decided to be baptized this Sunday! Whoo! So there are the four awesome people who will be getting baptized!
Then we have Antonio and Mily. We are working on their marriage. They have asked their parents to send their papers and when they get here they are golden! Awesome!
Some of the bad stuff. My companion and I walked a ton this week! I'm tired! We need to be looking for more investigators so that there is someone to teach when we baptize everyone!
The Lord is really blessing us so much it's awesome! I love this mission! I'm learning so much and seeing so many miracles everyday. I love you all so much! Take care and keep being awesome!
I love you! Elder B.

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