Friday, April 9, 2010

March 30,2010

Wow the weeks sure do fly by pretty darn fast! This week the Reichs finally got here! The are great! They are from Bountiful and they are in their mid seventies. He served his mission in Brazil and still remembers a little bit of the language (Portuguese) and they are similar so that's helping him with the Spanish. We have been helping them with whatever things that they need. They are just so great and so thankful for all the help that we give them. It's going to be really fun helping them here. He is the new second councilor in the branch presidency, pretty cool.
So we have two families that are in the marriage works project. Thanks so much for all the help that everyone is giving. We are making sure that they add some sacrifice to the pile so that it means more to them. They have strong testimonies and will be great members of the Church. Cross your fingers and pray for them that they will keep accepting the things that we teach and that they can pass through their trials of faith. My companion and I are still doing great! It's really fun to be with a mission brother. The mission flies by! I can't really believe how fast it goes. I hope that someday I can come back here and visit and see how everything still is. I'll be sad to leave Mala and I hope that I don't have to do it for a really long time! Sounds like everything is going awesome stateside. Hit some slopes for me L and Z! I would like some snow to play in! The weather is starting to cool off a little bit here in Mala. It gets a little bit chilly here in the nights but then some killer sun in the day. Did you know that Peru has the driest desert in the world? It gets something like 50% less than the next closest one. I thought that was pretty interesting. I got the package from Both of the Grandmas! Thanks for everything that you sent! I'll just keep getting fatter and fatter HA! Wow I sure do love you all! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by! Take care!
Love elder B

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