Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

Ok this week in Mala flew by so darn quick I'm not really quite sure where it all went! Some way cool stuff that will be happening this week is that we have a marriage tomorrow with one of our coolest investigators. His name is Arevalo Villalobos. He is super excited about the church and everything that he can learn. We should be having his baptism this Saturday. We still aren't sure about his wife, she wants to be baptized but we think that it's for the wrong reasons. She won't be able to be baptized this week but we are going to keep working with her. Right now she is on vacation for two weeks but usually she works in Lima and only comes home for about one day a week. We capitalized on the time to get them married because her husband has all the desires that someone can have. We are also helping another family get their papers ready but they won't be able to get married until at least May. His papers have to come from about 40 hours away on a bus so it's going to take a little while for everything to get together.
We are working with the Reichs and the branch leaders. We have set up a home teaching plan to get people coming to church and feeling like the church is a family away from home like it should be. I know that home teaching works and it helps. I feel bad that I didn't take it super seriously when I was home. I'll have to do better when I come home.
Wow sounds like a pretty crazy time back home. Congratulations to Tami, and Elder Porter, and Adam, and Steve. It was good to hear about all the announcements and all the good things that are happening. Josh! Good job buddy keep up the good work! It will be the best thing that you have ever done up to this point in your life!

I actually remembered Aunt Lora's B-day haha. How cool is that! I have told a few people and they are pretty surprised that someone can live that long (109). When you hit the 80´s here you don't have too much longer to live usually. You all need to quit being sick would ya. I hope that you can get fruity´s migraines to stop. I'll be praying for you sis, I love ya. Send me some pics of you guys. Everyone says Zach is growing like a weed I wanna see how tall he is. I think that I have grown a little bit too, my pants don't quite fit like they used to. I Hope you enjoyed my pic with me and my companion haha. I'm a little bit bigger than he is. Thanks for everything family, I sure do love all of you! Thanks for doing everything that you do! I'll keep praying for you!
Love elder B

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