Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 26, 2010

Well Howdy Family!
Well, a bunch of stuff happened this last week. We had transfers... But! I'm still here in Mala with Elder Ponciano! I was super scared that I was going to be leaving. But I'm also the new District Leader of Mala. It's kind of weird because the only missionaries that are in the district is our companionship and the Reich's. So I won't be having the same responsibilities that a regular district leader has. I'm not sure what President has for me to do. We´ll see. So I get to talk to you in a few weeks and I'm pretty sure that I can do it on skype! The Reich's have it so I could see all of you and talk to you. You should sign up for an account and get a microphone and I'll be able to talk to ya. Let me know when the best time of day would be to call you.
So many cool things happened this last week. We have the second floor of the house that we are renting for the church. That gives us a lot more room and was really great this week. We have a couple families that are getting ready to be baptized. One is just waiting for their papers to get here so we can get them married and then off to the beach for baptism! I'm so happy that President and the Lord, more importantly, let me stay here in Mala. At the end of this transfer I'll have had 6 months here! How cool! I love this place! Hermano Arevalo that was baptized this last week received the priesthood yesterday and will be a great addition to the branch. I'm pretty sure that I am the happiest Missionary in Peru!
There are a couple things that you could all do for me. I would like to have a few testimonies of some specific things like tithing. It's a really hard thing for them to have faith in because every week it's choosing from paying tithing or eating for a few days. If you could send me some testimonies of tithing that I could translate that would be awesome and I think that it would help a lot. You're all such an awesome family thanks for everything that you do and all the support that I get from you.
Oh I forgot to ask how is the Book of Mormon reading coming along. I still haven't finished it. I can't read it as fast as I can in English! It's a little harder to understand it in Spanish for me. My Spanish has progressed a lot but now I'm speaking a lot of English too because of the Reich's. We try to go over to their house everyday and teach them Spanish. They are so great and already helping so many families. So L and Z have been slack´n a little bit in school huh? uh oh... just remember that what you put in is what you get out! I've learned that's how it is with everything in life. But, when you put in your best and do everything you can the Lord puts in a bunch more. He can't help us too much when we don't try. I hope that everything is going well there at home. I sure hope that your all doing good and that everyone is feeling better. Don't forget to do a skype so that I can talk to ya! Let me know what your user name is and everything so that I can get a hold of you!
I love you all tons! Stay safe and on the straight and narrow!
Love Elder Bearnson

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