Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

Hey fam!
Would you put the scripture from Ether 12: 4 on my plaque. I love that scripture. Ok I have a lot to write about today! We had the marriage of Hermano Arevalo Villalobos and then we had his baptism and confirmation this weekend! It was awesome! I'm so happy for Arevalo! He has changed so much and was so ready! He will someday be a very great leader in the church!

We have two other families that we are working on. One still needs to get married and we are waiting for their papers. The other is married and they are very ready. I'll tell you a story about them. His work hasn't paid him what they really owe him for a long time, a sum of about 3000 soles which is around about $1000. So it's not just a little. Well the other day he was working and had to deposit some money for the company in the sum of 1700 soles, about half of what they owe him. He called his wife and said this is only a little bit of what they owe us, we can take it. She told him no. Take it to the bank where it belongs and we´ll be ok. He took it to the bank and everything was ok. These people are between a rock and a very hard place. Their two little twins couldn't go to school for the first month because they couldn't pay to get them in. Then they only had their supplies because the couple missionaries paid for them. The scripture in Alma 34: 40-41 came to my mind. I can't think of a better situation for this scripture. I felt the Spirit and so did everyone in the room. I know that He testified to them that turning in the money was the right thing to do and that they would be ok.
I love you all so much! Send me some pics I wanna see my sis that went to the not prom! And wow am I happy that you aren't having as many migraines sista! Good job singing z meister! I hope that everything else is going well! I love you all tons!
Love elder B

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