Friday, August 5, 2011

July 22, 2011

Hey family!

Mom, I really couldn´t believe that note that you sent me about Doctor Alex. What a tragedy. Send him my sympathies as well. We are so blessed to know about the plan of salvation. We need to share that information with everyone. I don't know how people can make it through the deaths of their loved ones without the knowledge of the plan of salvation. Just knowing that we can be together forever and that this life is just a pit stop in our eternal progression is such a blessing. We need to share it with everyone.

Well this week has been pretty fun. My companion and I went to Nazca and Ica this week from Monday until yesterday. It was a lot of fun. We did some good work with the missionaries. I really like being able to help everyone out. I like getting to know all of their investigators and helping them out. We haven´t been in our area for a while because we have been traveling. That's the hardest part about being here, we have to leave our investigators for a while and we don't get the chance to visit them much.

Today we are going to work on changes with President for the upcoming week. It's kinda weird because we are sending home my group from the MTC. I'm going to be the missionary with the most time in the mission... Something pretty cool, Elder Tombs is going home a few days early because his brother is leaving for his mission on Wednesday and if he doesn't go home early he won't see his brother for a very long time. I'm really thankful for the opportunity to extend and keep working in the mission. I feel like you do mom, I'm not sure if I want it to end. In fact I don't want to talk about that...

We have an investigator named Oscar. He is awesome. He has a rough family and life but really wants to change and be happy. He is a reference from Hermana Lourdes who just got baptized a little while ago. References are the best thing that a missionary can get! It's hard to find people on your own and even harder to get them to progress when they aren't a reference. I'm so thankful for members that give references! Hermano Oscar has come to some activites at church and the members really helped him feel at home. He wants to come to church this week and we are hoping to put him with a baptismal date this week. He's a keeper!

I sent you some pics. I sent the one with the buildings trying to show those huge sand dunes in the background. This place is really a desert. And yes that is a chickens foot in my mouth! It tastes gross, like fat and skin. Also that pic is of a bunch of peoples houses up at the very back of Nazca. That's how all cities start out, with a bunch of peole making their houses out of sticks. then give them 10 or 20 years and it's a big city. Well family I love you guys a ton! Thanks for your help! I love you all a ton! Thanks for your letters. Just write me whenever, I'm sorry that my schedule is crazy and that I can't write on the same day every week. Love you family!

Love Elder B

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