Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hi Family!

Wow sounds like you are all having quite the time! This has been quite the week for me and my companion! On Monday we went to Nazca. It's the most southern part of the mission and it's in the middle of the desert. It took about 8 hours on a bus to get there. That night I stayed with Elder Cook and Elder Iturralde. The next day we went to a place called Marcona. It's a small mining town about an hour from Nazca. The town looks kinda like a concentration camp... it's all housing that is built by the mine for the miners and their families. All the houses are the same and they are painted the same. It's just big block housing. I was with Elder Rojas and Elder Thompson. That was a really good experience.

Then the next day we went back to Nazca and I spent the day with Elder Martinez and Elder Inuma. They are great zone leaders and are doing wonders for Nazca. That night we went about three hours in a bus north to a place called Ica. We had a multi-zone conference with Nazca, Ica and Pisco. President met up with us there and we watched a video from Elder Holland that was great. I had seen it before with President but this was the first time that the whole mission was going to be able to see it. After the conference I went with Elder Housely and Elder Coico. That was a great day. The next day I was with the zone leaders Elder Jara and Elder Martinez (a different Martinez). Then Saturday I went with Elder Lutin and Elder Romero in Pisco. Yesterday I went with Elder Tellez and Elder Delgado.

It has been a long but very good week. I have really liked being able to be with all the missionaries. I'm really, really tired but we are going to sleep today! It's our preparation day! I have met so many people in this week that are just down right wonderful people. I love the Peruvian people, they really are great. They are quirky and funny but they are good people. I love the mission. We didn't go home like we had planned to on Saturday. We changed the plan and we got a couple of more visits in. It was good. We will be getting home on Saturday morning. I'm going to get to visit Mala this week! YES! I love Mala! Someday I'm going to bring you all here.

It has been a great blessing to extend my mission and be here for a little while longer. The visits are helping me to stay focused on what I'm here to do. I love it! On the 24th this month Elder Anderson from the twelve will be here to speak to us and two other missions. It's going to be a great experience. Family, I love you so much! Thanks for everything that you do for me and every other good thing that you do for people. Wow mom I'm pretty excited that the people from dads office will be there to hear me speak. I'm going to need to receive lots of revelation to be able to say the right words. Do you know what my topic is? or how does that work .

Family I love you! Thanks for everything. I think I'll be writing again on Saturday. Thanks Fam I love you!

Elder Bearnson

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