Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011

Hey Fam!

Sounds like everything is going well at home! Sounds like Zach has gotten into things. Is he doing sports this year?

I love the mission. I love working here. We just got done with change week. It was pretty crazy as always. This is how it goes more or less. We finished the changes with President on Friday night. On Saturday my companion and I made all of the plans that the elders need to travel. There were about 50 missionaries moving places this change. We have to coordinate all of their movements and make sure that they get to where they need to be. That takes a while. Then on Saturday we call everyone and we announce their changes and what they need to do. On Sunday we go to church and then all of the elders that are going to Ayacucho get here in the night. Then they leave so that they can make it to Ayacucho by the morning. They go all night on a bus. Then in the morning we go to a Capilla that's pretty central and everyone comes... then we send them off to buses or with their new companion or whatever it is that they need to do. Then when they leave we go to the office. All the elders from the south that are coming, get here later in the afternoon and then we send them off to where they need to go. Its like a big game. Then on Tuesday we go to the MTC really early in the morning to pick up the new missionaries. I love that!! It's fun to ride in the bus with them. Then we get here to the office and we do A LOT of training with them and then we get them their new companions and they`re off to work! We have a day of peace on Wednesday but we are getting ready for Thursday when we have the zone leader council. All the zone leaders from the mission come and we get together and we do lots of stuff for a few hours. Then we just get to work from Friday till the end of the week getting ready for the rest of the change. On top of this, last Sunday we had to make an emergency visit to the hospital for a sister that had a really bad panic attack and so I got home at about 2 or 230 in the morning. Its kinda crazy. I didn't get to sleep that much this week, haha!!

On top of the stuff that we were doing for the changes I had to do the stuff with the group that was going home. Like the family home evening with President and his family and our group pics. I'm going home later and alone so I did all of it with them. It was kind a bad because they talked about marriage and stuff....... I can't think about that yet ha! Oh yea we have a new companion! I don't know if I told you about an Elder Hesselgesser. He`s from Washington but went to BYU Hawaii. He is the coolest!! He has less than a year and now we are in a threesome with Elder Hola. I was his first zone leader in San Gabriel. He and I are going to visit the South this week. We are going to Nazca then Ica then Pisco this week without coming home until Saturday. It's going to be a long but very gratifying week! Next week we will visit Chincha and CaƱete the next week. Sweet! The last week that I'm here Elder Anderson from the quorum of the twelve will be here to talk to three missions. That is going to be cool!

Well family I love you a ton! Thanks for all that you do!

Love elder B

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