Monday, March 28, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey family!
We had a pretty good week this week! Up until right now we have had 19
baptizms in the zone! We have 15 more for the 26th we could finish the
month with 34 baptizms! It will be such a huge miracle! Please pray
for the people in the zone, the mission and the world. It's not an easy
thing to be baptized. I have been reflecting a little bit about all of
this. For someone to be baptized they have to usually change many, many
aspects of their lives. It's not an easy thing to do. I'm so proud of
them when they make the choice to leave "babylon" behind and go
forward with faith in Christ, knowing that He will help them with
everything. I find myself awe-inspired at their faith.
This week is the last week that my companion has in the mission. We
are working really hard right now. We have had kinda a rough time
because lots of our investigators have kinda fallen off the edge. Some
have lost their interest or just aren't willing to do what they need
to. BUT! We have found some awesome families! Yesterday I had a
powerful experience. We walked passed a house after our dinner
appointment and through the window I saw a family sitting and talking
together. I'm not sure what it was that I felt, but I needed to talk to
them. I'm sorry to say that I was slow in my response to the prompting. We
walked by the house and got to the corner. We waited for about thirty
seconds for a moto to pick us up. Standing there I felt like someone
had punched me in the gut. I told Elder Campos "tenemos que ir por
allĂ­" "we have to go over there". He followed me back to the house. I
knocked on the door and a woman that to me didn't look super happy came
to the window. We said that we were missionaries and we had a pleasant
conversation with her for a minute or two, then her brother came to
the door as well. We talked to them and her brother shared a lot of
problems that he is going through. He is separated from his wife and
now his son lives with her really far away. He only gets to see him on
Sundays when he takes him to an evangelical church. They were really
nice to us and eager to hear what we have to say. I'm glad that I
listened to the spirit and knocked on that door.
Thanks everyone for your B-day emails! Thanks to Hermano Pollary for
the letters from the youth. The one that told me Zach spilled my
hospital story was pretty funny. I was laughing pretty good. Thanks
for all your support and prayers! I hope that you are all doing
Love elder B
Still didn't get my package but it should be coming soon. I did get
some jerky from grandma dot though. The best! Tell B happy Bday from
me! Love you tons mom!

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