Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 28, 2011

Wow family!

Sounds like great things are happening back home! A baptism of
a family in the ward! Awesome! My companion and I had a really good
week! We are working hard with several people and they are all
excited. We have people that are looking for new jobs to be able to go
to church, people that really don't have any support from their family,
others that need to get married, others that are here illegally and
need to do a whole bunch of paperwork to be able to be legal before
they can be baptized. My point is, that the gospel compels people to do
lots of hard things to get baptized. They really change their lives to
be able to live according to the gospel of the lord. This week we have
a brother named Braulio who is getting baptized on Saturday. He needs
help! Please pray for him to make it. All he has to do is decide and he
will get baptized.

I cant believe that Nat is heading to the MTC today! (Natalee actually left last week!)
Awesome! And Ben jammin! Awesome! It's the best decision that you will ever make!

Sounds like you have some awesome missionaries in the ward! Preach my
Gospel teaches us to commit people to baptize not any later than the
second lesson. It's cool! It's the best feeling in the world to find
someone that accepts the gospel so fast and then strives to live it.
Its a wonderful feeling!

So this week we were teaching a 14 year old kid named Jose Maria. I
think I told you about him last week. He has a date for the 12th of
March. Well, we went to go teach him on Friday night and his mom was
there too! His grandma is a recent convert and also his Aunt Silvia.
We taught his mom and she was all excited and everything
too. She said that she had decided to join a church and was looking
for one, and what a coincidence! We came and taught her that very day!
We taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized, she
accepted! The lord works in mysterious ways. One thing that I do not
believe in is coincidences. God makes the smallest things happen so
that someone can come in contact with the gospel.

Whoa! Sarah is going to get baptized the day B comes home!!!!!! I'm not
sure that I can think of a better homecoming! That's an awesome story!
I'll be praying for her! So she has been listening to the missionaries
and stuff while B has been gone. That's awesome!

Oh and tell Josue! (joshie) Good luck for me! and good luck to Lindsey
and Austin!

Elder B
I love you a ton fam!

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