Monday, March 28, 2011

March 14, 2011


I had such a wonderful week! Here in Villa el Salvador we had 9
baptizms in the whole zone! It was a really good week! My companion
and I had two. Claudia and Jose Maria. It was such a great baptizmal
service! Probably one of the best that I have ever had. It was so
reverent and peaceful and it went off without a hitch. Jose Maria is
an awesome kid. He's going to early morning seminary and is actually
the class president haha. Pretty awesome. Claudia is doing really
well. Her mom is getting active in the church again.
About Mala! Awesome! My best friend in the mission is in Mala right
now, Elder Brinton. He told me that Arevalo's daughter and husband were
going to get married and baptized but he didn't tell me when! That's so
cool! I'm so happy for them! I actually taught that couple a couple of
times when I was there. I think that it was Elder Ponciano and I.
Arevalo is so strong and he is sharing the gospel with his whole
family. The only bummer is that I'm not going to be able to make it for
their sealing. They are going to get sealed after I come home...
bummer. But they are going to do it and I'm thrilled for them!
We found a family named the Castros (sorry I can't think how to say
that correctly) They are awesome! We contacted a guy that was sitting
under a tree one day and we went to his house to teach them. They are
awesome. We had a second lesson planned but because of a zone
conference that they made go later than expected we had to cancel. But
after our lesson he went and talked to his neighbor who's a member and told
her he wanted an appointment with us. It's awesome when an investigator
comes to look for you instead of us having to look for him. It shows
their desire. His family is the best, AND THEY´RE MARRIED!! whooo!
everytime that we go he brings his wife and 9 year old son down to
listen to us. They have tons of desires.
I have a stronger testimony of the restoration. Every time that we
teach it something interrupts us. Literally it's almost 100% sure that
something is going to interrupt the first vision. Even in our zone
conference while we were practicing, some guy passed by with a mega
phone buying scrap metal. Something like that always happens. I know
its true because satan doesn't want anyone to hear it.
Well family I love you all! Thanks for your prayers. I'm trying my best!
Love Elder B

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