Monday, November 29, 2010

November 22, 2010

Howdy doo!

Wow! I had quite the week! First off last Monday we had the marriage
of Antonio and Mily. They had their ceremony with 348 other couples on
Saturday. They call it a massive marriage. It was pretty cool, but also
kinda weird. They had a kissing contest with ten of the couples. They
had to try and win stuff like a blender and a microwave with the
longest kiss. As a missionary it was a little awkward to have to be
there. Being there made me happy that we have temples! They got
married and they were super happy. It was awesome. So then in the
afternoon we went and had their awesome baptism. They both asked me to
baptize them and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. They have a lot
of things to work out but with some time and the Lord everything is
possible for them. Mily bore her testimony after her baptism and said
that she felt like she took a thorn out and has started a new life.
Its such a blessing to be able to take part in peoples progress. I
forgot my cable so you'll have to wait for pics until next week.

So today were transfers! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..... I'm staying!! this is
my fifth change here in Miguel Grau and I still like it haha. I'll be
here until at least the 2nd of January. That will make it 7 1/2 months
here in the beloved hills of Miguel Grau. We are having lots of success and
because the area is so gigantic President has sent two more missionaries
to divide our area. It's kind of a bummer because I won't be
able to visit a bunch of my converts during the week, but I'll be able
to see them every Sunday so that's still good. My comp and I are
working hard and we have some good prospects coming up here in the
future. Keep your prayers coming please. I know that they work!

I couldn't remember if Thanksgiving was last week or this week. Is it
the third or fourth Thursday? Guess it's the fourth huh. Sounds like
everyone is going to have a blast at grandmas! How awesome! Careful
with the snow though. That's weird to think about snow. I haven't seen
snow in a long time. Here it's just getting hotter! Take lots of pics for
me please! I need to know how everyone is doing! Have everyone send me
an email while they're digesting the turkey and waiting for their
chaser sandwich haha. Hey, can you take a picture of a pumpkin pie
and a banana cream one too. I wanna put it on my wall haha.

I can't believe how huge Zman is! He is super skinny haha. He's almost 6
feet but weighs 80 pounds haha. How's the running going or have they

I didn't know about that elder who got stabbed. They don't usually tell
us stuff like that. Hope he's ok though. I have never had a problem in
the mish. There are thieves and pick pockets all over the place but
they know us and I try to be their friends because then they
protect you from other thieves haha.

We have an elder in the mission named elder Bell. He is brand new in
his first transfer. He was down south in a place called Ica when he
started to feel bad. He just ignored it and kept working, the next day
he couldn't move his back very well, kinda like it was stiff. They next
day he couldn't move some parts of his body. He was slowly becoming
paralyzed. They brought him up to Lima and discovered that he has a
very rare virus that they don't know much about, but it causes
paralysis. The scary thing is that you are awake still but you can't
even move your eyelids. You can hear everything but are unable to do
anything. We had a mission fast for him and we heard that the Prophet
and The Council of the Twelve prayed for him in their weekly meeting.
He is now recovering and starting to be able to move a little. I know
that prayer and fasting are real.

Ok fam i love you a ton have a sweet week!

Elder B

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