Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 1, 2010

Hey family!

What an awesome week that i had! We had a sweet zone conference with Presidente Manning! I learned all sorts of stuff. I had a question about the holy ghost and baptism. At what moment are ours sins forgiven? Look up 3 Nephi 27:20. It says that we are baptized and then sanctified BY the reception of the holy ghost. We are not cleaned by baptism, it's only to make a covenant but we are cleansed of our sins when we receive the gift of the holy ghost. Cool huh. I like learning doctrine.

After the Zone Conference Presidente Manning came and worked with Elder Huaman and me. We had an appointment with Antonio and Mily at the top of a big ole mountain! Presidente isn't very small but he climbed right up there with us. It was a way awesome experience to be able to teach with him. We taught about Joseph Smith again and the way that President teaches is so simple and excellent and just full of the spirit. It impacted me a lot.

So that was an awesome thing this week. But the coolest was the baptisms that we had on Sunday morning! Carmen, Jasmin and Jesus were baptized!!! They were all so excited. It was such a simple and awesome experience. We have been working with them for a really long time and they were finally ready to take the step. Jesus wants to serve a mission and will be one great missionary. They are going to do great and keep on doing what's right.

So the week was excellent! The next baptism is for the 13th of this month. His name is Carlos. I've told you all about him I think but pray hard for him. He will make it but send some prayers up for him. Then send some more up for a few of the marriages that we are working on. This area is great. It stinks, there's a ton of trash, dogs, and fleas but I'm going to be very sad when I have to leave.

I love you fam! Your the absolute best! I got a package from both of my awesome grandmas today! What a great day! Thanks so much for the jerkey and treats! And the socks! Whoo! Socks! A missionaries best friend!

Thanks fam!
Love Elder B

That's a bummer that you wont be able to come and get me but that's ok. We'll just have to plan well to be able to go sometime in the future. I'm going to buy that painting today then. I thought you would be much more wary haha. He knocked it down to $200 so that's awesome. Thanks mom! I love you a ton.!

PS. Forgot to tell you some funny stuff. So we went to a family's house that needed a new bathroom. We had to dig the hole for the bathroom. It needed to be 3 meters deep. I got it to 2.7 meters, then the side collapsed and buried one of my legs up to my waist. It was a little scary but I got out just fine haha.

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