Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey fam!
Que tal! Man, I had a pretty sweet week! I had an awesome experience about 2 months ago. I was sitting in a combi, those are the vans that take us everywhere, and I sat down next to a lady and felt the distinct impression to talk to her. I talked to her and gave her a pamphlet about the plan of salvation. We have been trying to get to her house for about all of these two months and we haven't been able to get a hold of her. Well, Thursday night, right before I woke up I had a dream. I dreamed that I was talking to her and right before I woke up I said when is a good time for us to come by... then I woke up. I had my hand held up to my head like I was talking to her. I knew we had to go and try again to find her... so that night we went back up to her house. It's really high up there.... AND we found her! She was in her house! "She said how great that you came! I had this afternoon off from work! I'm not usually here on Friday nights." We took out an appointment for Sunday night and we went to her house. She is awesome! I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my life teaching her. My companion and I had an awesome conversation with her. We taught her all about the apostasy, prophets and Christ's reign on earth. Then we taught about Joseph Smith and the restoration. She understood very well. She understood that her baptism in the catholic church isn't valid before God. We invited her to be baptized when she knows that these things are true. She said "I'll be able to tell you when I know." At the end of the lesson she said, "I feel at peace right now, I feel like I'm starting something." We are going back next Sunday. I love the lord and all the miracles that he lets me be a part of. That's my first dream that has ever influenced a decision that I have made in my life.
Other awesomeness! Carlos got baptized! This guy is the best! We thought that he was late for his baptism, we had called his house, and he wasn't there. Then my companion, out of the corner of his eye saw him sitting in this little section of the courtyard reading the Book of Mormon. He had been there for a long time and was just reading. He loves the word of the lord and knows it to be true. I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of helping him find the gospel.
This morning we got Antonio and Mily Married!!!!! Whooo! After about 4 months they are finally married. After lots of lessons and lots of struggle they are married and living the laws of the lord. Their smiles were awesome! We got all the papers signed and then on Saturday they will have the ceremony. What an awesome feeling!
Thanks so much for being the best family ever. You guys really are the best. Thanks for always thinking and praying for me. A thought occurred to me the other day. That we always pray for the missionaries to have success and we pray for lots of other blessings. But what do we do to make this prayers come true and be a reality. What do we do to help the missionaries be successful. Have we shared the gospel with anyone lately? I know I didn't do it much before but I will when I go home.
Thanks fam I love you so much you're the best!
Love B
For Christmas I dunno. What ever is fine. Maybe a real football if you can get it here. More drink mixes like crystal light and stuff. The ones that you can put in a bottle. That's about it though. I'm not too needy, haha. Thanks for sending me some more monies!

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