Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

This last week has been a little crazy! We are helping two families get married so we have been going to different court houses and looking at how we can get it done. They are really cool and always come to church. This is the only thing that is keeping them from making covenants with Heavenly Father, so I'm more than happy to help them. Their names are Jefferson and Diana and they have a brand new baby boy, Gianluca. They are awesome! Diana has been member since she was 9 but went inactive for a really long time. Jefferson's family are all members except for him and he is actually the most active… Then there is Antonio and Mily. They are awesome too. We are seeing so many changes in their lives. They have had lots of problems but everything is just getting better for them.

So Sunday was election day for Peru... So to make sure that we were all safe and sound we couldn't leave to do anything but eat. So we were stuck in the room all day. We studied and took a much needed nap and got some good stuff done. Because of the elections there was no church because it's required to vote in Peru or they tax you, and pretty heavily if you don't do it. So that meant that there was no conference either. We will get to watch conference next week. We also had a zone leaders conference on Friday and we were well instructed on some really great topics. The week flew by really quickly but it was good.

I have some questions though. I haven't heard anything about Stevie Wonder or Adam or Kalab. How are they all doing?

That's awesome to hear about Samson! I was praying for him this week. It's good to hear that everything went well!
IM SO STOKED THAT USU BEAT BYU!!!!! I have some friends to make fun of haha! Good for Frank! That just makes me happy to hear.

Sorry this note is so short. This week was pretty chill and not too much exciting happened. I guess I'll send some more pics! Thanks so much family for being the best! I love you all!

Love Elder B

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